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CYBERCATCH: Transforming Businesses with AI-enabled Continuous Cyber Risk Mitigation

Just about every business is digital today. Maintaining cybersecurity in a constantly evolving threat landscape has become the real challenge for businesses and ransomware and data thefts are rampant. For larger companies, cyber attacks can lead to a financial loss but for small and medium...

FAMAR: A Legacy reshaping the Pharma Industry

The new FAMAR has in March 2023 completed 3 years of significant successes and recognitions in the international arena by steadily investing in its people and setting demanding business growth and environmental goals. Its efforts have contributed to the Group’s international recognition as FAMAR...

Salelytics: Driving Results through Inside Sales

Advancement in technology has reshaped the face of sales. The sales game has taken a leap ahead with the shift in business landscape, making healthcare sales industry an increasingly exciting sector to expand on. Keeping patient’s needs at the core, patient centricity is continuing...

SONABLATE CORP: Leader in Focal Therapy for Prostate Diseases

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed male malignancy, with one in every seven men affected worldwide. Although radiation and surgery are effective to remove the disease, it is typically associated with side effects of incontinence and erectile dysfunction. Focal therapy using high-intensity focused...

Tactical Rehabilitation: Serving those who Serve the Country

Tactical Rehabilitation
Soldiers risk their lives daily to serve the nation’s ability to provide the freedoms enjoyed by all. Military medical system plays a significant part in the country’s response to the national crisis through providing adequate medical support to the armed forces. Preserving and maintaining...