Top 30 Most Admired Companies to Watch 2019

When we talk about a list of most admired companies, we are definitely not conducting a popularity contest here. It takes a lot for an organization to start from scratch and make it to the list of most admired companies over time. The ability to offer best in class products and services, attract and retain talented employees, quality management of the organization, social responsibility towards the community and the environment, innovativeness, proper financial planning, long-term investment value and global visibility…all goes into account when it comes to scanning the most admired companies from several industries. Organizations that check all of these while addressing the current demand of the industry and its consumers need a special mention for the mutual benefit of the company and its target market.


The current edition of CEO Views brings to you “Top 30 Most Admired Companies to Watch 2019”. The list highlights some of the admired companies who offer the best in class in the technology landscape. The proposed list aspires to assist individuals and organizations to find the best company that will help them accomplish their projects.

Antonella Rubicco, Founder, President and CEO

Redefining the limit of speed in big data analytics, AI, and technical computing

Brett Schroeder, Co-founder and Managing Director

An indispensable trusted partner to global petroleum, chemical, and energy companies that aim to optimize their assets’ performance and maximize operational efficiencies

Ayesha Khanna


Simplifies healthcare communications with one seamless solution that delivers personalized member materials – anytime, anywhere

Heath Davies, CEO

Helps safeguard the critical information that is shared into and out of the organization without impacting on the effectiveness of our essential daily operations

Caleb Barlow,

CEO & President

A top-ranked cybersecurity consulting firm dedicated to serving the information assurance needs of healthcare

Luciano Riccio,


A data management solution for analytics to help build intelligent databases

Jordan Erskine, President & Co-Founder

A full service turnkey contract manufacturer of cosmetics, personal care, skin care, oral care, natural and organic products

Fritz Zerweck, CEO

Helps in hotel bookings for companies and business travellers

Pierre Parent,

GM and CTO

Simplifying business with Mobile IoT through intelligent use of trusted technologies

Julian Reusing, President & CEO

Combines strength with know-how to offer the best piling solution

Michael Malec, President and COO

Aids gain efficiencies and economies of scale with industry-leading capabilities

Kristine Glancy, CEO

Offers a wide range of solutions to meet business objectives of both brands and retailers, and build more meaningful relationships with their shoppers

László György Dellei, CEO

Providing ICT and information security services to offer data protection areas and offer expert support to maintain GDPR compliance on an ongoing basis

Viv Allanson, CEO

Provides quality aged care services that are focused on the individual needs of residents and clients above 65 years

Arik Avni,


Creates robot-assisted solutions to meet the therapeutic needs of patients suffering from a variety of neurological conditions, as well as orthopedic and post-surgery dysfunction


Müller-Gastell, CEO

A leading global supplier of satellite-based broadband VSAT modems, and broadcast, government and defense communication network and ground station solutions

Trevor M. Saliba, Managing Director

Creating space to share and experience holographic content, the latest technology trend in the industry

Roy Heller,


Offering Strategic Cyber Threat Intelligence to empower cyber defenses by becoming proactive

Vlademir Gatti, President & CEO

Solves almost any technical service challenge to make the complex, simple

Frida Polli,


Leverages behavioral science and audited AI technology to match people to their best-fit job, bias-free

Michael Shoham, CEO

Offers end-to-end device management solutions, consolidating all devices, processes and stakeholders into one easy-to-use platform

Sandeep Reddy Vinjamuri, CEO

Providing Integrated Connectivity to organizations to tackle framework incorporation challenges by incorporating

Jim Van Schaik, Founder & CEO

Combines cutting edge technology, data science and data sets to deliver the first verified and accurate data procurement service

Rick Bates,


Uses powerful technologies to simplify access to lower-cost prescriptions for all

Sean Combs,


Creates an amazing custom rental exhibit for tradeshowshelping clients leave their stress behind

Brett A. Hickey,


A specialized asset management firm focused exclusively on the U.S. lower middle-market by investing debt and equity directly into established operating companies, making strategic investments into fund managers and purchasing secondary fund positions

Phathizwe Malinga, Managing Director

Offers low-cost access to IoT solutions and operators in South Africa, creating opportunities for businesses, small and large to create innovative solutions

Raoul Davis, CEO & Founder

One of the world’s first and the most integrated CEO branding firm

Denis Gagné,


Develops cloud-based software to help organizations visualize, innovate, transform, and improve

Alan Neilson, Founder and Executive Chairman

Provides digital transformation services that enable our clients and their employees to manage content successfully and securely