Top 10 Most Influential IoT Solution providers 2019

Connection and interconnection between humans and machines is what is ruling this era of technological evolution. And thus IoT is definitely ruling this phase of the technology. Most organizations these days want to automate their process, or enable its employees to be able to perform the needed task from anywhere in the world. Moreover, we humans have become so engrossed in our busy schedule that even we as individuals are a lot depended on IoT knowingly or unknowingly in our regular life.


With so much in the to-do list, IoT reduces time consumption, enabling organizations to do more work in lesser time. Also, this technology has almost reduced the issue of proximity. It is vital for organizations to find the best IoT solution provider.


Thus the current edition of CEO Views brings to you “Top 10 Most Influential IoT Solution Providers 2019”. The list highlights some of the most influential IoT solution providers who offer the best in class in the technology landscape. The proposed list aspires to assist individuals and organizations to find the most influential IoT solution providers that will help them accomplish their projects.

Peter Hunt,CEO

Partners with companies looking to harness the power of IoT in order to enhance their usiness through focused strategic planning, alignment to new roadmaps and development of a solid deployment plan.

Michael White,CEO

Specialises in Internet of Things (IoT) product development and product management.

Anuj Sachdeva, CEO

Enabling global Fortune 500 & high growth mid- market technology enterprises with fully integrated connected device-to-cloud-to-enterprise integration solutions.

Ron Victor, Founder & CEO

Delivering end-to-end solutions for secure industrial internet of things.

Adam Schindhelm, CEO

Partners with ambitious leaders to create intelligent product ecosystems for a better world.

Ian Whiting, President

Dedefining connectivity by bridging the digital divide and connecting people around the world.

Michael Breidenbruecker, CEO

Enables the machine industry to build products and services of the future.

Ludovic Le Moan, CEO

Service provider for Internet of Things, helps connect physical world with the digital universe and power industry transformation.

Kaushik Pillalamarri, CEO

Solves difficult problems inherent in IoT deployments to leverage network, computing, and storage resources.

Rob Cumming, CEO

Provide Industrial Grade IoT devices purpose-built to get actionable data from your buildings into your business systems for the lowest cost possible