Top 10 Most Trustworthy Companies 2019

Gaining the trust of your clients is the final step when it comes to the success of a company. But as we all know, that does not come easy. It takes a lot of hard work over time and some real dedication to bridge the trust gap between a company and its clients.


With each passing year, as technology is catapulting into a highly developed and innovative industry, the number of competitors is also increasing. In this pool of technology solution providers, only few can make it to a point where they can be considered as trustworthy. Those who consider the best for their clients and can equally balance their business make it to the benchmark.


The current edition of CEO Views brings to you “Most Trustworthy Companies 2019.” The list highlights some of the most trustworthy organizations of the industry who offer the best in class in the technology landscape. The proposed list aspires to assist individuals and organizations find the right technology solution provider that will help them accomplish their projects.

Ramin Farahmand


Sai Anasseri, CEO

Providing end-to-end dealer management software solution designed exclusively for the independent used car dealer

Daniel Döderlein

CEO & Founder

A leader in mobile payments and e-commerce helps develop award-winning and world-class financial services platform

Oh Sang Gyoon


Providing Artificial Emotional Intelligent (AEI) platform to emulate how people think

Etienne Grima


Solutions, Inc. – Providing technically and clinically innovative software solutions for information management systems in cardiovascular medicine and telemedicine

Mac McMillan

CEO & President

The trusted partner in healthcare provides cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance for the development of the industry

Joerg Walden

CEO and founder

Providing Software Services & Consulting for Compliance and Sustainability

Nick Shah


Helping clients make the best hiring decisions

Omar Nicola


Enabling publishers to monetize their audience by providing users with a way to discover news, innovative thoughts and useful products

Dr Farhad Reyazat


Offering powerful accounting and CRM tool to manage every business aspect

Rich Granville

Chairman and CEO

Providing search and eDiscovery technologies for all types of consumers of data