Top 10 Most Emerging Companies 2019

As the global economic outlook is constantly shifting, organizations that can quickly adapt to it make a position in the list of most emerging companies. Though technology is the key disrupter in most industries, innovation and adaptation of changing market conditions within the system along with the proper implication of technology, plays a major role in this era. Developing digital business plans and strategies is another factor that helps organizations stay on the top of the list. And this had enabled several startups to overtake traditional enterprises and has set a threat as emerging companies. The last decade witnessed several radical changes in the startup ecosystem and with the business trends continually changing, it is essential to keep a track of the most emerging companies.


Thus the current edition of CEO Views brings to you “Top 10 Most Emerging Companies 2019.” The list highlights some of the best emerging companies who offer the best in class in the technology landscape. The proposed list aspires to assist individuals and organizations to find the right emerging company that will help them accomplish their projects.

Craig Williams, CIO

Helps make businesses and customers successful by offering consumer-like user experience for support and operations

James Phipps, CEO

Utilizes a fully staffed United States based help desk and engineering team to constantly monitor and manage your critical network infrastructure

Mauricio Moura, CEO

Provides competitive intelligence to companies, public bodies, class associations and public opinion campaigns

João Lima Pinto, CEO

Empowers banks to attain full control over the credit process with digital-by-default products

László György Dellei, CEO

Providing ICT and information security services to offer data protection areas and offer expert support to maintain GDPR compliance on an ongoing basis

Paul Guenther, Corporate Strategy & Development

Offers customized B2B services for the growth of an organization

Guy Bejerano, CEO and Co-Founder

Adds powerful new platform capabilities to identify, prioritize and mitigate enterprise security gaps revealed by breach simulation

Andrew Gordon, Founder & CEO

Provides organizations with a revolutionary but non-disruptive path to implement a Zero Trust model for their IoT and smart device solutions

Catherine Quirke, Chief Commercial Officer

Helps organizations to maximize reclaim, minimize risk with effortless solutions for VAT reclaim and compliance

Jesse David Thé, CEO

Provides secure collaboration platform to organizations