Top 10 most distruptive cloud solution provider 2019

Innovators are playing the technology game right in terms of cloud technology. They have launched new ventures within cloud computing, encouraging larger incumbents soar high with lesser physical infrastructure and large staff. The usage of disruptive IT delivery model is leveraging key technology ideas enabling IT offer much more advanced service. This unexpected innovation in technology and business model is disrupting the established solutions.


Cloud computing is transforming the way individuals harness, access and utilize technology. This swift incorporation of Cloud Computing is also influencing the way enterprise software is being developed, distributed, and implemented.

This transformation in the digital world has made a profound impact on the IT industry. The change has not only affected the vendors’ business models, but also the other actors in the business ecosystem. Businesses are promptly shifting from on-premise to Cloud-based technology and the impact of the shift to Cloud-based enterprise software has been huge.


This technological platform is offering opportunities to external developers, partners, and customers of the businesses as well, enabling the Cloud consumers to concentrate on their core business. The existing cloud market has undergone a twist with the disruptive cloud innovation and new technology solutions at a lower price point.

To offer such solutions, marketers are making a progressive business to address clients in demand of such advanced offerings.

Tom Reilly


Helps move workloads to the cloud with speed, agility, and security

Najaf Husain


Delivers simplicity and efficiencies of the public cloud, on-premises with exceptional support, data security, and a marketplace of applications that can be deployed in minutes

Caroline Tsay,


Offers a real-time platform that determines optimal resource utilization at lowest cost and risk

Mark Templeton


Offers easy-to-use control panel and API which helps build more and spend less time to manage infrastructure

John Van Siclen,


Provides software intelligence for the enterprise cloud

Uzair Sattar,

Founder & CEO

Offers a comprehensive range of managed IT services and on-call consulting to small and medium-sized clients in a range of industries

Yohay Azulay,


Offering enterprise-grade cloud technology at an affordable price

Jim Geiger,


Provides high performance managed web for infrastructure hosting and add more power to your site or app

Kevin Jones


Offers public cloud infrastructure professional and managed service providers worldwide to help businesses grow

Andy Chaudhuri

Founder & CEO

A one stop shop for all technology needs from such as product designing, software development, cloud services, Big Data and API management