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Witnessing a Paradigm Shift from Pocs to Real-Time Deployments

Digitial disruption is gaining impetus across industries and it is evident IoT or the Internet of Things would be a major contributor to it. The article discusses the trends that IoT vendors, customers and solution providers should look for in 2019. IoT has moved from...

ITrust : Securing the IoT Network with Powerful Behavioural Analysis Engine

There has been a revolution in the IoT space and has been labelled as the fourth industrial revolution. Organizations are increasingly exploring and implementing solutions on how IoT can give them an edge. Simply put, IoT facilitates businesses with a powerful data resource amassed...

SkyLab Services: Delivering Low Latency and Robust IoT Solutions

Stephen Ho, Group COO
Industrial IoT is changing the ways a broad range of verticals conduct their business with promises to revolutionize the industrial prowess by optimizing the efficiency of systems within the organization. The amount of advancing technologies is overwhelming and one of the biggest challenges faced...

Digital Workplace The Power of Choice

After spending 27 years in the technology world, I have never been more convinced that the largest industry of fixed assets is undergoing the biggest transformation. Even though spaces are fixed, they are required to be flexible. With the sharing economy on an all...

Synack: Ensuring a Secure Environment with a Robust Crowdsourced Security Testing Platform

Cybersecurity is a very pertinent aspect of any business and cannot be overlooked lest risk crippling the company from a costly and brand damaging cyber attack. Traditionally, penetration testing has been widely used for vulnerability assessments, but over the years this conventional method is...