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After hosting in-person job fairs for nearly 9 years, Steve Edwards, CEO, and Founder of Premier Virtual realized those job seekers preferred to apply online than to wait in line. In 2018 he pivoted from in-person to virtual and in 2019 launched his platform to host virtual hiring events. Being a recruiter, he knew exactly the features required to make hiring easier, more efficient, and effective. In March of 2020, the Covid Pandemic gripped the world and forced many companies to pivot to virtual recruiting, and Premier Virtual was there to provide the best all-in-one virtual recruiting platform.

Still, there are many in the recruiting industry that have not fully embraced virtual. The companies that did pivot quickly are now succeeding because they understand that in today’s tight labor market, the more accessible and the more flexible the company is, the better candidates you will attract. Premier Virtual teaches everyone, the same thing it has learned. To be successful you need to meet the candidates where they are, and that is online, and as the results have proven, the virtual platform is extremely effective.

The tight labor market makes it difficult to attract qualified candidates because of the high demand in the workforce. Premier Virtual explains how adding a virtual option, and offering a 24/7 Virtual Hiring Room opens your company up to a much larger candidate pool. You still need to market your virtual hiring event or link to your virtual hiring room, but simply having those options will make your company more attractive, and help your recruiters to streamline the hiring process.

Premier Virtual sees employers using its platform for more than just hiring events. Now with our 24/7 Virtual Hiring Room (VHR), employers can host ‘meet and greets’ to simply let potential candidates get to know you.

The 24/7 VHR is a tremendous tool for recruiters, which is quickly gaining traction. Now, job ads, and company web pages that list job openings can link to the VHR, and a recruiter can be available to meet with them right on the spot. This is completely changing the game because candidates are getting tired of submitting resumes that go nowhere or take too much time to get a response.

“It’s true, any employer can use our platform to hire more efficiently, but our platform’s value increases, the more job openings you have. Regardless, we built the platform so that whether you are a small business with a few openings or an international corporation that hires hundreds, or even thousands per month, our all-in-one hiring platform can adapt to your needs. We designed a setup wizard so that onboarding is easy and a robust reporting platform so that nothing falls through the cracks. We also continue to release updates based on our client’s feedback to continue to improve and customize our platform for all of the different industries that we serve” says Steven Edwards, CEO of Premier Virtual.

The obvious benefit to virtual recruiting is you can hire anyone, from anywhere, greatly increasing your candidate pool. Being virtual can significantly cut down on costs associated with hosting in-person events, which in turn, shoots up productivity. By being an all-in-one platform, you can take a candidate from an attendee that submits a resume to a chat, to a video interview, all in a matter of minutes, and even make a job offer on the spot. This has reduced time to hire from an average of 30+ days to just over 7 days. The features Premier Virtual has built in are all meant to make the hiring process as easy, efficient, and effective as possible. Recent upgrades include:

  1. Virtual Hiring Room
  2. Video Interviews 3 Video Resumes
  3. Internal Chat
  4. Enhanced Reporting
  5. Video Scheduler
  6. Hybrid Event QR code generator

Premier Virtual prides itself on listening to clients and designing new features to meet their needs. Not only does Premier Virtual takes their feedback after events, but also hosts webinars and focus groups to continually learn what is working and what needs to be done better. This has led to making Premier Virtual the top-rated ease of use, and customer support platform on the market. When clients realize they are getting the best in class tech, with ease of use and customer support, it’s an easy decision to choose this platform. The internal motto of Premier Virtual is ‘Future Focused’. There are weekly open forums with all our teams to test new ideas on the platform. Nothing is off the table, and everyone is encouraged to offer their ideas and feedback.

MassHire, the state organization that handles hiring turned to Premier Virtual about customizing video resumes, and the team was able to turn that around in just a few weeks. By including this feature in its platform, they were able to save around $12,000 a year. MassHire also hosted the largest ever virtual hiring event with approximately 1,700 companies and well over 100,000 job candidates in a state-wide event. This feature will benefit all clients in the same way.


The 24/7 Virtual Hiring Room is where Premier Virtual sees the most potential growth. The team believes that by offering employers a $99 a month per recruiter license, there is no limit to the opportunities it can go after. This option also opens the doors to every employer, big or small because the upfront costs of a yearly license are eliminated. It allows for 24/7 recruiting, which in some industries, like healthcare where there are round-the-clock shifts, is so important. Even Amazon is turning to Premier Virtual to host national virtual hiring events using this approach.

For companies struggling to fill positions with the options they’re currently using, it’s time to look at virtual hiring. You can schedule a free demo at

Premier Virtual- ‘Hiring Happens Here’.


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