As various industries have evolved to embrace the rapid pace of technological change and realize the myriad of benefits ranging from efficiency, expansion into new markets, and revenue generation, there is invariably a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety within the users, regarding their reliance on technology. “Throughout my career, I have observed a recurring concern from clients on risk mitigation,” says James Phipps, President, BeCloud. Cavalier adoption of technologies, incorporation of powerful features and processes into business without any concern towards foundational infrastructure, backdated methodologies, reproducibility, and compliance are the major reasons of concern. Generally, coherent backup strategies are non-existent, and sometimes security solutions are considered to be a hindrance toward business goals rather than as a safeguard, putting technology and data investments exposed to tremendous risk.

James wanted to make a difference in their clients business by incorporating security services into the system. Thus emerged BeCloud, a managed services provider, which not just delivers solutions to enhance the bottom-line, but also helps avoid and mitigate risk throughout the IT landscape of its customers. The company offers a wide range of services, including tailored IT services and cybersecurity solutions. The firm is committed to helping customers maximize technologies within their businesses while minimizing unnecessary expenditures.

The company considers cloud services as a tremendous tool for producing reliable, well managed, and risk-reducing solutions and works every day to evangelize and implement these services for its customers. “With the plethora of information and options available to consumers, a comprehensive IT plan is important when implementing technologies in a business environment,” adds James.

The organization understands its client’s vision, goals and budget to ensure a perfect fit with BeCloud Services to prevent problems before they can impact customer productivity. Moreover, the company ensures market-leading response times and is a leader in preventive maintenance through artificial intelligence, monitoring, software scripting and automation.

BeCloud is working with a mid-size independent software vendor that provides engineering software to customers in governments and large consultancies around the world. The company provides a packaged desktop software solution, has a suite of cloud-based web applications, and produces a very large data product regarding national infrastructure. Its data product is the result of applying the company’s own packaged product as well as several Big Data tools to perform very large-scale numerical calculations on substantial computing infrastructure. The company has hundreds of terabytes of data to contend with in terms of inputs, intermediate outputs, and result data destined for its customers. It required a hybrid cloud solution that connected the Amazon Web Service cloud with physical datacenter presence that engendered over 150 high-performance servers that were perpetually running models, delivering data to customers every month. The combined computing power of the physical data centre infrastructure was about 3,600 Intel Xeon cores, 38TB of memory, and 550 TB of storage local to the datacenter. The company also had Web applications for analyzing and GIS mapping of the result data in the cloud. BeCloud developed a hybrid cloud data delivery solution utilizing various AWS services such as Storage Gateway, Snowball, and S3 to transfer input data, result data for cloud applications, and on-premise data deliveries for clients. BeCloud now manages the full lifecycle of the company’s infrastructure in the data centre as well as offers cloud resource management and monitoring. Additionally, BeCloud has developed a secure solution for its internal engineers all over the world to interact with their hybrid cloud infrastructure, protecting their data and their intellectual property.

Currently, BeCloud is working on cloud projects that are not limited by geographical location or expansion. It is continuously expanding its reach and technological prowess and is spending a significant amount of time and money on training its staff on Amazon Web Services technologies such as Machine Learning and Cloud Architecture. Also, the company is continuing to expand its security offerings by training the employees on the latest security forensics and analyst methodologies.

A nationally recognized premium IT management firm with locations and capabilities throughout the United States, BeCloud’s services are designed for companies willing to optimize performance by embracing “Digital Transformation”. As BeCloud continues to expand its cloud, AI and security capabilities, it remains focused on its goal of helping its clients maintain a reliable, secure and scalable environment.


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