With experience in IT and information security, Laszlo Gyorgy Dellei, CEO, KERUBIEL, witnessed the mounting convention of both industries in the field of data security services. The mismanagement of several personal data in the past, has made the general public aware of the “risk-based approach”. “Since the adoption and the application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data subjects have become more aware of their rights and the rules regarding data processing to protect their privacy from adverse interventions,” says Laszlo.

Addressing this situation, KERUBIEL was established in 2017. The company merges expertise from IT, information security, and data protection to provide complex, personalized, and rapid assistance to its clients. KERUBIEL assesses the information and data management framework of the client to modify solutions to improve security and compliance of its products and activities. The company uses the most advanced, high-level IT standards, such as the ISO 27000 for focusing on the state of the IT infrastructure, identifying IT system availability, potential risk factors, and security or operational failures. The NIST 800-53 controls assessment, which helps the company to identify gaps within the IT systems and focus on controls, time and budget to minimize deviations and redundancies. Based on information gathered through these methods, KERUBIEL provides the client with information on the IT system, its risks and errors, as well as detailed suggestions on how to address these deficiencies. Moreover, the cloud-based solutions provide companies with the infrastructure necessary for a successful business.

KERUBIEL also provides its clients with counselling concerning GDPR compliance. It persuades its clients to realize that compliance with the relevant rules and standards may be a competitive advantage in the field of data security. To ensure that controllers are effectively protected against information or a data breach, the company has developed solutions to comply with data protection and information management standards. The procedure involves data protection audits, development and preparation of the necessary documentation and its implementation as the focal point of the newly enshrined principle of accountability, data breach management and DPIAs, and, finally providing DPO services. The vulnerability of cybersecurity in recent years, along with the attack on IoTs and disruption of certain public services, such as electricity, internet, or water supplies demand infrastructures to be further prepared against possible future hostile activities.

KERUBIEL assists its client to take all necessary measures to prevent and to manage risks such as data breaches. The company also assists its clients in terms of confidentiality of personal data by offering them proper controllers which helps the clients avoid legal consequences. KERUBIEL works with big corporations as well as SMEs from the health, insurance, finance, and other sectors.

The company has effectively cooperated in and contributed to the successful management of a data breach that occurred to a multinational company in Budapest. The breach itself concerned a couple of hundred people, but the misuse of the relevant information could have been harmful to the individuals. Fortunately, the controller rapidly convened the data breach response team consisting of the CSO, the DPO, the head of legal and informatics, developers as well as all relevant actors. Thus the team could analyze the incident and report it to the supervisory authority.
KERUBIEL has been continuously adapting itself according to the new applications and solutions developing in the cyberspace and connected technologies. Primarily operating in Hungary the company has an ever-growing clientele and valuable connections with leading experts from various fields. It’s fresh and innovative, yet professional approach has made KERUBIEL one of the most innovative companies to provide counselling to its clients in the CEE region. “With the participation in national and international projects, our main goal is to make an impact on a regional level and to establish KERUBIEL as one of the leading companies in the field of IT and information security, and data protection,” adds Laszlo.


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