Capital Corp Merchant Banking

Capital Corp Merchant Banking is part of a group that was formed nearly four decades ago to meet the growing needs of Companies, Clients, and Promoters. A single firm combining Funding and Professional Consulting, Capital Corp Merchant Banking has been able to bring to the table optimal funding performance for its clients. Over the years, Capital Corp has expanded operations and added services, such as negotiating Mergers and Acquisitions, preparing Business Plans, Viability Reports, and Valuation Reports, executing due diligence, and establishing a solid reputation with both domestic and international clients. Even while growing, Capital Corp has always stayed true to its original vision: providing their middle-market clients the same Tailored Solutions and Funding Packages in International Project Financing by way of Equity Funding and Debt Financing. As such, they have filled a very real need for creating financing structures that are optimal for both Clients and Syndication partners.


Capital Corp Merchant Banking has been recognized as one of the most influential companies by ceoviews publication. Capital Corp Merchant Banking has developed close working relationships with groups of Professionals: Specialists in Finance, Commercial Risks Insurance and Re-Insurance, International Accounting Firms and Law Firms, and the largest Valuation Firm in the world. Those Professionals are Capital Corp’s Contacts, those with whom Capital Corp Merchant Banking works to meet all their clients’ needs and expectations. The combination of Expertise and Contacts has made Capital Corp a major player on the international scene as a trusted and highly-quality provider of capital for nearly 40 years.

Capital Corp’s success has come from its culture, which strives to foster the same values that help any business succeed: Hard Work, Common Sense, and Integrity. “Capital Corp has never rested on our laurels – and we can’t! Every new client has a unique perspective and a sense of uniqueness about their project; therefore, every finance structure we engineer has to match their project and circumstance” says Gilles Herard, Managing Director of Capital Corp.

Everything is online these days and even providers of capital must adapt and put themselves out in the world, lest they be left behind. Many people around the world don’t know about all of the funding options they have for their projects, so Capital Corp has brought forward more education on existing market platforms for organizations and brokers alike to be aware of these incredible opportunities.

Capital Corp’s motto has always been clear and simple: “Our word is our bond”. Both old and new clients know the commitment of Capital Corp towards the work and to the success of their project. Gilles Herard, Managing Director of Capital Corp says “We just couldn’t have stayed in business for so many decades, through one financial or economic crisis after another, if we hadn’t stuck to our founding motto.”

One of Capital Corp’s clients was an Australian Company in business for 3 decades with an excellent reputation and strong financial standing. The company worked in the oil and gas exploitation sector and had obtained a contract to empty the residual oil in wells that had been in operation for about 25 years, the exploitation of which and over all costs were $85M (USD). This company had contacted their bank, which refused the project, and after a year of searching they came across CCMB. Capital Corp was able to successfully restructure the entire transaction and provided their client with the funding they needed, and it was the first time that any funding group was able to arrange this kind of funding for the exploitation of a Marginal Oil Field.

Another example of a successful funding was when a Canadian-based chemical company that had been in business for more than 20 years had invested no less than $4M to develop a completely new oil-based colorant and needed $35M to build a brand new plant to produce and sell it. Even though the group had been in business for several years, their bank refused the deal on the basis it was a start-up! Capital Corp has referred the deal through the Client’s accounting firm and once again they engineered an appropriate and fitting financing structure, and successfully arranged the $35M in funding that the Client needed.

Capital Corps motto has always been clear and simple: “Our word is our bond”

Capital Corp does not do cookie-cutter funding. Capital Corp makes it a point to be aware of the socio-economic conditions present throughout the countries that work in, as well as important local mores. By showing respect and cultural appreciation of clients worldwide, Capital Corp builds rapport and trust which is the key in any situation, financial or otherwise. Capital Corp works on projects worldwide; be it industrialized countries or developing states, there is always a need for solid and optimal financing structures for projects of all kinds and in all markets.


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