Our Director of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, Doug Junor, is focused on ensuring we stay ahead of innovation trends to continue the evolution of our company and suite of products. Here are some of Doug’s insights we are benefiting from, and we hope you do, too.

Field Safe fosters a culture of innovation that supports the evolution of our easy-to-use, market leading EHS solutions. Field Safe enables the real-time transmission of data from the field to protect at-risk workers and create operational efficiencies. We help companies SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY, and SAVE LIVES.

3 Pillars For Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Innovation and technology are not synonymous. Innovation involves leveraging technology to do things never done before. It’s about challenging the status quo. Because that means changing processes, it can be challenging to get adoption, so you must put people at the forefront.

Therefore, Pillar #1 is understanding people and their business challenges and resolving them. The end-user must be considered from the beginning. If you do that effectively and provide an easy-to-use solution, the chance of success significantly increases.

Pillar #2 is trust that it is ok to try new things and not be afraid to fail. Failure is an essential part of learning and in fact has contributed to Field Safe becoming the industry leader we are today. But you must fail smart, and you do this by listening to your data so you can make educated, data-driven decisions about what action to take.

Pillar #3 is experimentation. Because we know the business problems that need resolution and are supported by data to identify the most likely solutions, we can confidently experiment to resolve them.

How Field Safe Applies Innovation to Transform Health and Safety

Field Safe gets ahead of innovation trends to make safety less reactive. There’s still some complacency in the market … an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, mentality until a major event happens. We’re working to break down that complacency by building trust that we understand our clients’ business pains, educating them about the value of embracing solutions proactively, and ensuring user adoption through ease-of-use.

The pandemic is a great example. Companies had to move fast to ensure the safety of workers while at the same time continuing to meet business commitments. Because we successfully transformed the EHS programs of leading organizations pre-pandemic, we understood their challenges. Our easy-to-use solutions were quickly implemented to support contact tracing, compliance with pandemic protocols, social distancing requirements, etc.

Innovations That are Making a Strong Impact on Worker Safety and Operational Efficiency

The Internet of Behavior (IoB) trend is something we see greatly influencing EHS programs – using data in combination with change management to direct human behavior.

For example, geofencing tells us where an individual is and what they are doing. Contextually aware data enables us to provide the worker with the most relevant forms and documents specific to their location and project. If they are picking up a truck, we can leverage IoB to proactively push a vehicle inspection report reminder ensuring the worker doesn’t forget it, helping improve their safety and journey management experience.

And our real-time access to EHS data is being used by clients to meet ESG and green goals, protect against fines for regulatory non-compliance, lower insurance premiums, and even win more business.

Another exciting innovation that is beginning to grow legs is augmented reality. Soon, the integration of wearables technology into our EHS solution will allow us to augment reality and manipulate data to speed up the identification of an incident, respond to it, and even prevent the incident from occurring in the first place. The result? Fewer incidents, safer workers, and lower costs.

Here’s an example. A worker suffers a medical emergency. You need a defibrillator. Data can be accessed via an IoT sensor placed on each defibrillator at site. Wearable technology feeds data via the EHS solution to create an augmented reality map view directing team members to the closest equipment and then surfaces instructions on its use. This shaves seconds off response times, which can mean the difference between life and death.

Director of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships is an Interesting Title. What is the Connection?

At Field Safe, we understand that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” Our approach to innovation means that by forging strategic partnerships with like minded companies that have complementary products and services, we will build better solutions for our clients and create more value. That is why Field Safe create this new, dual role. A big part of Doug’s job will be finding these innovators and forging partnerships. We will concentrate on what we do best (easy-to-use, all-in-one, digital EHS solutions) and integrate with best-of-breed organizations to strengthen our offering. This will benefit us, our partners, and our clients.

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