Corporate training is the process of educating employees through a system of activities that use various types of learning programs. It serves as a catalyst for employee achievement, which means the success of the company or organization as a whole. Employees believe training to be an important part of their jobs to an extent that, according to a LinkedIn survey, 94% of employees would stay at a company if it invested in their educational needs.

But most corporate training programs fail to meet their agenda as they are neither interactive nor personalized. This results in employees quitting their training programme in the middle. While there are various companies trying to solve this problem, iCUE Technology came up with an interesting solution for this based on an application that used AI to understand the learner and provide the best ways to engage with the course.

Joshua K. Christopherson, CEO of iCUE Technology, and his partners have been in the education sector for over 20 years, mainly in distance learning. They found that one of the main challenges in education is the way it is approached. They have worked with network marketing leaders and companies, CEOs of large businesses, and thousands of individuals to help them succeed. They knew what set the most successful business owners apart from the rest. They also knew how to get a team member to engage and grow to bring the best ROI to a team or company.

Objective behind its inception

The reason behind the failure of most businesses is that they lack a system to effectively engage a learner, and then get them to want to participate and develop. Due to the pandemic, the employees are operating remotely, and this issue is becoming one of the major challenges in running the business. Many invest in learning management systems and other software and tools to offer content and training when a business wants to help its employees develop and learn. Many employees never really participate; others only go through the motions.

Their previous company had been solving these problems for years by delivering personalised content and mentoring employees or learners. “We were trying to solve the problems that individuals have been facing for many years, so the same principles translat- ed across to needs in the network mar- keting space as well as the corporate space” said Josh. iCUE Technology’s AI was then created and taught to work with employees to remove limiting beliefs and improve happiness by training the individual. It effectively discovers what personal problems an employee or team member faces and recommends classes, videos, or audio, and then prompts action.

An approach to the problem

The main challenge that all employers face is the difficulty in requiring their employees to participate in or attend training on a regular basis. Whether it is skillset training or culture development training, it is often difficult to get an employee or individual to develop new habits. With iCUE Technology’s AI coach, they are solving this problem of non-partici- pation by changing the way content is delivered to them. The AI coach will reach out and check in with individuals about how they feel, and then communicate with them and recommend ideas or tools to assist that are specifically for that individu- al team member. When the first organization launched this tool, interaction with the clients grew by over 85% overnight.

The software that is developed by iCUE Technology has solved many issues that companies face by getting learners to want to engage. Their software and virtual coach suggest classes and courses based on the individual. It learns what they need and want, and then serves it to them in easy-to-digest micro-courses. The advantage of using this software is that it allows the employer or leader to push needed content and training but also blend it with classes designed to help the employee outside of work as well in their lives. It creates a trusted environment, all within a community that allows for collaboration and cheering on other team members with their goals.

Impact on their clients’ businesses

iCUE technology has made remarkable achievements in the network marketing space. Ray Higdon, a popular network marketing trainer, has transitioned his entire platform over to iCUE Technology because of the massive success that’s happened with his members. In their initial case studies with network marketing companies as well as teams, their focus was to help them recruit more, retain better, and earn more. The results of their platform have been incredible in those areas. 91.2% of network marketers said they grew their business as a result of plugging the iCUE software into their teams. Prior to using the software, companies reported 40% of their new recruits staying past 90 days. After rolling out their training platform, reports showed over 89% of associates stayed past 90 days!


And lastly, there was an increase of 38% in revenue growth due to implementing the white label platform into network marketing companies and teams. These are real results that absolutely blew them away, as well as their clients. As a result, they have new clients pouring in, trying to be the first to market to licence their software for their teams.

Motivating Factors

Employees who were working remotely often felt disengaged and left out. Teams need to embrace new tools and new hybrid work models in order to bring back company culture and collaboration. iCUE Technology’s AI was created and taught to work with teams to deliver onboarding, ongoing training content, remove limiting beliefs, and improve happiness by training the individual at a personal level using custom learning paths. Collaboration is one of the biggest missing components of work from home models. Solutions like Slack and Zoom are opportunities that help, but iCUE takes all these tools and brings them together in a more personal environment, and then motivates and rewards action.

Joshua Christopherson says that “their success in training employees is a combination of artificial intelligence and human intelligence.” The benefits of AI-backed learning are massive. It allows them to fill in the gaps and customise the learner’s experience for the individual specifically. The AI allows them to find out how a person feels and tailor their training to what moves the needle for the individual or the business. Combining that type of insight with their “Mentor on Demand” tool allows a student to connect with a coach live, face-to-face, and get the support and immediate help to see results quickly.

From here, they are expanding their business in public schools, marketing agencies, professional sports trainers, and even medical professionals. This is enabling them to position themselves as a market leader in providing customized learning solutions that actually deliver results and increase ROI, real time


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