It all began with the announcement of the enforcement of the GDPR a year and a half back when a lot of people from different industry verticals were in a mess about how to deal with this aspect of law. People from different professions like marketers, IT people and lawyers were sure to deal with the headache of the new law compliance. Most were at a loss and this was the most appropriate moment to launch Jamespot to offer the best solutions to deal with the GDPR compliances. Jamespot is a strong collaborative platform for customers to deal with the GDPR.

Captain DPO was developed to fill the void in the market for SME and non-blue chip companies. There were plenty of softwares in the market already to deal with different laws, obligations and risk managements, but they were either old fashioned or intended for bracketed high-end clients only.

Captain DPO is a unique cloud-based software that can be easily used without going into the hassle of hardware upgrade for any installation process. This has made it an easy choice for customers.

“This software is easy to use and well suited to SMEs, very ergonomic and affordable too. The ability to generate a report in one click avoids spending hours collecting informations manually and forget some during the process. It is very useful in case of control,” said Franck Stolz, DPO Lusis.

The GDPR calls for accountability of the data collected, and for a recurring documentation of how they are being used and reused. This turns out to be complicated for SMEs with limited resources. This is where Captain DPO plays its role of simplifying it all. The three main features of the product can be summed up as : an easy documentation, different people on the same platform, and meeting documentation deadlines in short time spans.

To explain these features more precisely:

As soon as a small company needs to sign a different contract, the entire process can be carried out with the help of Captain DPO that modifies the data accordingly and enables its printing giving the exact output. The entire process is carried out with the help of the cloud.

In fact, the software helps people from different professions and industries to integrate it into the process that they are involved in and to get the simple solution to all the GDPR compliance needed. This way they are all connected on a single platform with the precise solution.

In case of modifications of data and addressing timeframes, Captain DPO is tremendously helpful in meeting people’s demands.

For entrepreneurs and a technocrats, personal data is much like one’s personal body to take data and treat it responsibly. They also have the responsibility of Data Security, protecting them from hackers and repelling any data loss. It is also imperative to report and declare of any loss of data or data breach within 72 hours as Europeans prefer trustworthy companies instead of mere whistleblowers, having faced so much of data breach.

With the digital mode being a new way of life, the GDPR is more relevant today. Captain DPO plays the roles of Data Protection Officer and whistleblower at the same time : this is where the name “Captain DPO” comes from.

The hallmark of the product lies in the fact that it is easy, developed quickly and built into the powerful Jamespot framework and platform. Jamespot has a process registry where numerous businesses integrate themselves for their individual requirements. This makes the linking of Captain DPO as the GDPR solution into the registry more effective.

With Captain DPO, the customer can begin with the GDPR compliance and extend it to all other features of the Jamespot platform, like smooth communication, for a global unity of the process. One can make quizzes, ask questions, answer systems about GDPR and learn about the methodologies that Jamespot offers.

What separates Captain DPO from other similar softwares is the one click report. It is a smart feature that tells the user to make an action plan, thus helping clients improve their processes. It also works as a powerful search engine regarding all the data that has been put in.

The company has a well charted roadmap for its enhancement in the current GDPR scenario with a lot of deployment, important accounts and partners with huge customer bases and their data. It plans to make the Captain DPO helper for their business. “We will follow regulations and revolution of existing data and make processes more productive,” says the CEO.

There are innovative applications coming every month and every year to help businesses and operations become smart, simple and more productive, helping them with their collaborative efforts. For example, there is a specific app that helps in carrying out room reservations in a smart new way.

Though the company caters to the needs of SMEs and big SMEs, it has in mind that it is the smaller ones that need more help. This is where Captain DPO steps in and can be customized as per the applications that are going to be used from Jamespot.

“Captain DPO is a solution with multiple Pros: it is a collaborative, ergonomic and affordable solution. The team is highly pro-active, effective and pleasant to deal with : that’s why Jamespot is highly recommended among our clients,” Bruno Panhard, CEO, Adaliance.


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