Stamped Engineering Corporation

The founder at Stamped Engineering Corporation said she felt a demand in the industry for lean, customizable engineering service, and so the organization was born. “Stamped Engineering Corporation is a “fit for purpose” lean engineering consulting firm that specializes in on-call support and design engineering. We draw from our impressive talent pipeline to customize a “fit for purpose” team suited for our client’s application and business. Our handpicked team consists of professional engineers and technologists that design, review, and stamp with confidence,” said Jeenu Riat, Founder, CEO and President of Stamped Engineering Corporation.

The organization’s overhead remains low given that the experts are billed out only as utilized, rather than assuming a standard workweek. This business model allows for a quick turnaround due to the efficient process and qualified team members. The organization takes this forward by keeping the focus on the core values of Excellence, Integrity, Innovation, and Sustainability. Stamped Engineering Corporation achieves this “Fit for Purpose” Approach by exceeding expectations through exceptional work processes and continuous improvement. The organization encourages thinking outside of the box and pushing the envelope and fosters an environment of trust, honesty, open communication, and mutual respect.

Stamped Engineering Corporation is honored to be recognized as “making a mark in the industry.” There is so much more growing to do in innovation, technology, and where the organization wants to be. The journey to building its mark in the industry has been exciting, and obstacles that were presented as challenges were overcome and turned into strengths. Hard work, determination, and adaptability have been the constants in the organization’s journey. Stamped Engineering Corporation just celebrated its 3rd birthday and is looking forward to celebrating many more with its outstanding team. “Stamped Engineering’s strength is assessing, understanding, adapting and growing to best suit the times. Recognizing the strengths in mechanical and HVAC design, we pivoted a few years ago and developed critical skills to support the Cannabis industry. It has served the company well as it has been gaining recognition in expertise in this space,” added Riat.

Stamped Engineering Corporation believes in engineering excellence through innovation, with safety as its priority. When it comes to safety, there is no compromise. The organization conducts thorough reviews of various regulatory requirements such as safety codes, engineering standards, municipal, provincial, national, and international laws. There are times where clients feel overwhelmed or frustrated while discovering regulatory requirements. The team at Stamped Engineering Corporation overcomes this challenge by sharing the excitement of a client’s product, idea, or project. They know that they are passionate about getting clients the results they want.

The organization also takes the time to explain why the regulations are essential, such as safety, energy efficiency, and environmental regulation, etc. This approach ensures that the client understands the requirements and can have confidence in the team to deliver their desired results. Open communication and honesty allows everyone to be aligned throughout the project, from beginning to end. The engineering consulting services offered are Mechanical, Electrical, Civil/Structural, Process & Extraction, Multidisciplinary 2D AutoCAD design, 3D solid works, and 3D Revit Modelling, Instrumentation & Controls, Procurement, and Project Management. The organization specializes in Process Hazard Analysis, Risk Assessments, Equipment Design, Patent Drawings, Cannabis Facility Design, Robotics, Inspections & Studies, and Stress Analysis.

Stamped Engineering Corporation serves many industries and supports clients in Oil & Gas, Commercial, Industrial, and many more. The organization stays current with the latest trends to prepare for upcoming developments and technology. Still, it is more about seeing opportunities for innovation and not being afraid to take a risk. The organization has been successful because it can adapt to a changing market, a changing environment, and the changing needs of the clients. The qualified professionals of the organization use their experience and software skills to provide cost-effective solutions. In a recent oil and gas project, the process hazard analysis team used software to predict and prevent fatalities for a globally well-known energy Technology Company. This software aided the risk assessment organization, providing valuable information to keep the client and community safe.

Stamped Engineering Corporation has worked with several industries of different sizes. The challenge was to design a piece of critical equipment to be installed in a refinery by conducting stress analysis, producing manufacturing drawings, and providing procurement support on an extremely tight timeline without sacrificing the attention to detail required for safety. Without fear, the organization accepted the challenge and conducted pipe stress analysis, produced preliminary drawings and recommended design. The client approved the design and methodology. The organization then decided that the best way to meet the client’s timeline was to have local support in fabricating the equipment, producing manufacturing drawings, and then contacting local fabricators to manufacture the design.

“Stamped Engineering Corporation believes in engineering excellence through innovation, with safety as its priority. ”

Stamped Engineering Corporation has provided the clients with quotations that included competitive pricing, contact information, emails and correspondence, facility accreditation to perform with work as per codes and standards, and drawings to submit to the fabricator. Stamped Engineering exceeded client expectations, and they were happy to have the product commissioned on-site within their timeline and budget. The organization took this challenge as an opportunity to showcase its capabilities to work hard, efficiently, and “think outside the box” to provide valuable and cost-effective solutions to its clients.

Stamped Engineering Corporation is licensed to practice across Western Canada and has qualified professionals who can support projects based out of North America and internationally. The organization can currently help its clients globally without leaving the office due to technology and remote access capabilities. The geographical roadmap for physical offices would be British Columbia and the Unites States next. The roadmap for technological expansion would support clients with innovation in renewable energy fields, such as hydrogen and clean technology. The organization would like to expand its research and development capabilities to support large corporations in providing innovative solutions.


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