BridgeVoice, Inc. is a part of Bankai Group that has been a global leader in wholesale voice services. This industry experience gave BridgeVoice robust fundamentals when it ventured into the creation of this automated carrier platform. Today BridgeVoice is not restricted to being a platform but is a wholesome solution for every need of enterprises, carriers, and aggregators who are dealing with carrier voice as well as DID services.

BridgeVoice, Inc. has been recognized for Innovation Excellence Award by CEO Views. The journey towards building BridgeVoice Pluto the brand that it is today has been of the adventures. Right from conceptualization of this idea to the amendments made on the concept and finally bringing it to life – the entire journey was possible only due to the expertise of BridgeVoice’s team and the visionary leadership. “The innovation that BridgeVoice brought to the industry is what created an entirely new segment. We take pride in pioneering innovation that has been helping the customers get quality services today,” says Bankim Brahmbhatt, President and CEO of BridgeVoice.

BridgeVoice is built over the experience and knowledge of Bankai Group that has been a frontrunner in voice solutions and services for the past three decades.

BridgeVoice is built over the experience and knowledge of Bankai Group that has been a frontrunner in voice solutions and services for the past three decades. This lends the leadership of a visionary team that formulates the strategy focused on the elimination of any bottlenecks in achieving exceptional quality. The team also carries out regular sprints to keep the platform upgraded with the most modern features, a quality-focused approach, and offerings that are ahead of the market. This makes BridgeVoice the most valued provider preferred over its competitors.

The voice industry is currently witnessing major digital transformation due to the multiplied customer demand and the competition from OTT. BridgeVoice Pluto places research in its heart by focusing on continuous innovation and building upon the inputs from the industry veterans as its leadership. BridgeVoice is constantly improving its customer experience and working on feature enhancement in the marketplace. The organization believes that bundling services and a subscription-based model for the right price allow the customers to create their communication network entirely supported by a single vendor. Their offerings include a range of voice solutions and services together enhancing both the quality and productivity of the service providers.

BridgeVoice is led by pioneering leaders who have crafted some of the most successful telecom solutions. The Chief Product Officer, Mr. Mark Hatam, who can be credited with developing one of the most successful BSS Solutions in the world, brings in strong market expertise and years of experience. He leads a team of young and dynamic professionals who work on regularly enhancing the marketplace based on customer pain points. A recent instance of their innovative streak is a collaboration with that ensured improved reachability on DID Search globally through their dynamic search system. There are several other innovations and customer experience enhancements in the pipeline which will soon be available to make customer lives easier.

BridgeVoice uses exclusive features like auto sign-up along with bundled Voice/DID solutions available for mobile application or home phone services. The company’s consistent growth can be credited to its relentless pursuit of innovation, deep understanding of customer pain points, and expert team that makes it possible for the organization to offer the best range of solutions and services available in the market.

For its employees, BridgeVoice Pluto offers a very flexible open work culture where BridgeVoice values achievements and productivity more than long work hours. They offer great infrastructure along with flexible working hours allowing the team members to strike the balance between their work and life. The organization also offers subsidized meals to the team members. These facilities let employees provide maximum productivity and create compelling solutions for customers.

Solution offerings by BridgeVoice have helped several organizations to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and enhanced operational value. BridgeVoice allowed Telecloud Vision to offer its customers better rates and services, claw back their market share, and is now planning an aggressive expansion with an increased presence in North America’s Middle-eastern diaspora. BridgeVoice Pluto portal handles Telecloud’s ever-growing volume and will stand tall to support and grow Telecloud even further.

BridgeVoice is led by pioneering leaders who have crafted some of the most successful telecom solutions.

BridgeVoice has also helped Linkin by directly connecting to 130+ global operators like Verizon, Tata, Sonetel, Telefonica, Claro, and many more apart from deploying our DID services. BridgeVoice’s robust experience of more than 30 years and profound expertise in the telecommunications industry allowed Linkin to access a worldwide network of suppliers and meet capacity demands with guaranteed quality assurance, allowing users to benefit from efficient network management, maximize network redundancy, transparency, and quality-based routing at competitive pricing. DID/TFN availability from 185+ countries made them a preferred provider for Guyana’s virtual numbers.

BridgeVoice currently has active customers in Africa, Asia, and Europe while working on customer acquisition in North America. To reach target markets from Latin America and West Africa with Spanish and French-speaking customers, the organization plans to further integrate multi-lingual support to the portal in the coming year.


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