Agxio Limited

Agxio is an AI, data science and machine learning company that specialises in the biotech, life sciences and agricultural science industries. Founded in 2018 by a world-class team of award-winning technologists, scientists, entrepreneurs and practitioners, Agxio has developed a range of expert AI applications that deliver advanced, beyond-human-scale data-centric solutions to solve complex, real-world business problems.

The Idea Behind Agxio

The growing threats to the planet on sustainability, food security, disease vectors and the availability of effective and focused data sources through IoT and sensor technologies means that the opportunity to rethink the business and operating models for the life sciences industry is critical at this point. Considering the environment, Dr Stephen Christie, the Chairman & CEO of the company came up with the idea of Agxio. Dr Stephen Christie has been working in the field of Artificial Intelligence for over 30 years with a particular interest in augmenting human intelligence and decision-making with embedded knowledge-based expert systems.

Passion, Precision and Performance

Solutions to Real World Problems

The team behind Agxio has established global, award-winning companies over the last 30 years across a range of industry verticals. Helping traditional farming by providing solutions such as yield advancements, farm economics, livestock and crop health, sustainability and so more, Agxio uses Smart technology applications to enhance farm management and long-term economics, guaranteeing a viable, future-proof business.

At the core of the company is innovative research and a proprietary platform to develop AI and Machine Learning solutions.

Cutting Edge Technologies Aligning Industry, Government & Academia

At the core of the company is innovative research and a proprietary platform to develop AI and Machine Learning solutions. Dr Christie revealed that he believes that the secret to their success and consistency is their focus on innovation. He says “We invest in making sure we consistently deliver and our partner model means that we ensure a best-of-breed solution is created”. Even in challenging times such as Covid-19, Agxio focused more on the opportunities that the challenges offered. On being asked how has Agxio journeyed to make its mark in the industry, Stephen Christie said “COVID made a number of challenges and opportunities for the company. Whilst still a young company, we have experience in working remotely and have built a world-class development capability. We were approached to work with a number of government, academic and commercial partners to help solve a number of important problems including healthcare, parasitology, agri-tech and data science applications”.

Technologies at work

AI is a major trend in all industries. Many companies are however unclear about what that really means. For Agxio, the focus on explainable AI is crucial to stay at the cutting edge. The company has invented some novel techniques in AI that have produced some amazing results, especially in the fields of cancer and disease detection. Not only that but Agxio has also developed some technological advances in the fields of animal health and performance optimization. We asked Dr Stephen how he sees Agxio gaining momentum in the market and here is what he said: “We have developed a low code platform that enables us to dramatically reduce the time to develop new systems and we will continue to advance that platform to stay ahead of the competition”.

Bringing Applied Intelligence to Life

Agxio has developed a number of advanced technology solutions such as Apollo, Ceres, Mercury, GALEN, Chiron, Low-code Stack, and many more. Apollo is a data agnostic platform that enables anyone to have the skills and experience of a data scientist and AI expert fully automated. It is a system that builds the most efficient AI solution for a particular problem. That problem could range from fraud detection to disease or covid biomarker analysis.

Agxio has developed a number of advanced technology solutions such as Apollo, Ceres, Mercury, GALEN, Chiron, Low-code Stack, and many more.

 The key to innovation

Agxio is an innovation company and its key to innovation is its strong relationships with leading academic institutions. Some of the examples include the advances in the applications of neural networks to human and animal disease detection, autonomous drone analytics and control systems to enable crop scouting in fields and vineyards, advanced robotics systems to completely control harvest in vertical farms, our automated machine learning development engine (Apollo).

Agxio has brought together a number of key ingredients to ensure unrivalled innovation across the Agriculture, Life Sciences and MedTech industries.

One of the reasons for consistency behind the growth of Agxio is building on the confidence of solving real-world problems in a novel way and creating the culture and environment to nurture innovation. Dr Stephen Christie believes that “Failing is not seen as a negative – it is a re-enforcement to try something new and validate that we are doing something unique”. The work culture of Agxio is also the reason, the company excel in its performance. On being asked about the work culture in Agxio, Dr Christie described the work culture of the company as “Very collaborative, authentic management style, detailed and technical, and staying with the culture of a start-up. Stay lean and avoid unnecessary corporate structures”.


The plan for Agxio from the beginning was always to have the UK as a laboratory for innovation and then to deploy globally. This is still the strategy over the next few years.


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