Coherent Educational Solutions

Coherent Educational Solutions (CES) is committed to ending social injustice for underserved, neglected, and marginalized students by transforming the education industry. This inspiring journey initially began in 2014 when Dr. Jamie Valenzuela-Mumau founded CES. He began working with a few individual schools and districts as a consultant, then when he was offered a position of Superintendent with a group of charter schools, the business sat dormant for a few years. In 2021 Dr. Jamie Valenzuela-Mumau decided to stop working for people because he wanted to work with people to begin changing how education is designed and facilitated in K-12 programs. He brought in partners Dr. Dionne Clabaugh, Scott Spector, Linda Vargas, and Dr. Sean Ramsey to form a minority-owned corporation.

Our goal is to Improve Student Outcomes for ALL Students!

CES wants to lead in the educational consulting arena by offering diverse products and services to support all learners in any learning community. The company seeks to identify, source, and close student learning gaps through focused instruction and professional development that promotes engagement and self-awareness. CES programs can be delivered in synchronous or asynchronous formats facilitated by collaborative teams and led by caring educational leaders and skilled teaching and learning specialists.

Coherent Educational Solutions Journey

We asked Jamie Valenzuela-Mumau about the journey. “It has been an exciting ride thus far on the CES bandwagon, with more business than the company can handle. Current projects range from a Professional Development program at Cal State University Monterey Bay to implementing a faculty mentoring program to build cultural responsiveness, working with Australian-based Makers Empire to develop a program that promotes resilience for Ukrainian students and families, to developing an early educator training program for aspiring teachers in India.”

Our mantra is and always will be,

“We want to stop doing school TO kids and start doing school WITH kids.”

CES also provides K-12 Compliance consulting services

and is developing professional learning program to build school site staff capacity and success. CES is looking for partnerships with schools, districts, and educational organizations to find grant monies that will support ongoing curricular development in the areas of computer science, STEM/STEAM, and literacy. Our intent is to begin closing the Covid-based learning gap in reading and math through an integrated and interpersonal approach to learning and teaching.

The two biggest projects CES currently has are authoring content and assessment protocols for MicroCredentials and Esports. Dr. Jamie Valenzuela-Mumau says, “Esports is the area that is unfamiliar to many, and involves competitive gaming teams and tournaments at both the collegiate and soon-to-be high school levels. Skilled gamers develop a plethora of skills in problem-solving, agility, creativity, and collaboration.” To encompass every opportunity, CES is developing a K-12 Esports curriculum that will align to state content and career technical educational standards and will promote skill and participation in Career Technical Education and workforce development skills for all students, that will include internship opportunities for students and externship opportunities for educators.

Leading with a Vision

“To be a leader, you have to walk the walk and talk the talk and learn along the way.”

CES is an innovative and creative learning company with a clear vision to lead and is inspired by innovation. For the past 30 to 40 years, the United States has documented no progress in terms of student’s educational outcomes, such as improvement in students’ maths scores, ELS scores, and science scores. Our vision is to change all of that! CES takes an innovative and integrated approach to the way students, parents, teachers and administrators promote learning. The company’s Human Learning System (HLS) is a unique ecosystem for both educators and learners that includes pedagogy, dispositions for effective learning and transfer of skills and weaves social-emotional development components throughout the learning process. CES believes in leading by example, which is what inspires them to become a leader in the education market. Hence, CES wants to work with districts, schools, and companies who see themselves as we do, a learning company with staff who intentionally look for ways to grow and improve.

The Purpose Behind What We Do

Reading is a major gatekeeper of students’ ability to be successful across their lives.

One of the largest learning gaps identified in education exists within the area of literacy. Dr. Valenzuela-Mumau is concerned about students across the nation who read two, three, and more grade levels lower than they could be, and strongly believes that who read two, three, and more grade levels lower.

Therefore, by understanding learners’ contexts for being marginalized and by recognizing their untapped interests and skills, CES seeks to close this gap. CES created a literacy package that any school or district can implement that will not only improve literacy for all students but will also encourage and promote students’ love for reading through their interests and skills.

Innovating school systems through a culture of belonging where learning meets readiness.

CES seeks to close another gap that exists not only in California but across the nation as well: elementary science education due to a shortage of qualified STEM-oriented programs available across the country, employers don’t have a well-prepared entry-level workforce, and thus aren’t able to competitively fill positions in STEM fields. This gap is due, in part, to students not having access to science learning environments that activate their intrinsic engagement in ways that build on inquiry and experimentation, leading to a love of science and science-based processes. CES is partnering with the California organization of The Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee (CISC) to develop a program that helps elementary science teachers leverage student curiosity in ways that activate self-efficacy and personal interest to invite more females and students of color into STEM fields.

What We Offer

Fueled for Literacy and The Career Heroes are two of CES’s most innovative programs. Dr. Valenzuela-Mumau believes that “because literacy is not just one isolated skill that revolves around reading, our Fueled for Literacy program is one of four programs in the literacy package we offer at CES that activate student interest through voice and choice.” The other two programs in this package are the school- or district-wide “Battle of the Books” and the “Author Go-Round”, which not only build a love for reading but also bridge student reading choices with increased proficiency, fluency, and comprehension. The Career Heroes program, on the other hand, connects students to both Career Technical Education (CTE) and Workforce Development.

CES lives Standards of Practice that we value in how we work with partner organizations.

CES’ Immediate Needs to Close Educational Gaps

Dr. Jamie Valenzuela-Mumau’s immediate plan for CES is to secure capital to fully develop and market these programs so that CES can expand its reach and impact. CES is being asked to work on several great endeavours from huge curriculum development projects around state-wide implementations of micro-credentials in California and Wyoming to mentoring development projects in higher education and India’s workforce development in early education. CES has STEM/STEAM certification projects with schools and districts around the state with the goal to develop relational training for schools and districts. Implementing quality Universal Pre-Kindergarten in California and New York also requires the urgent attention of CES.

Coherent Educational Solutions aim is to stop doing school TO our learners and start doing school WITH our learners.

CES Urges You to Come Forward

CES wants you to come forward and join us in achieving the goals for a bigger cause. You are invited to be a part of our team and participate in various activities such as crowd-funding, investors meeting, and webinars. We promise you a beyond satisfactory and heartful experience of being a part of this journey.


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