3 Ways To Communicate With Customers More Clearly

Good communication works both ways. It allows your customers to express their opinions about your products or services and at the same time, it helps you understand their needs and what needs to be done to improve your business.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best ways to communicate clearly with your customers so you can provide them a better experience each time.

Provide Accurate Information

It’s true what they say that honesty is the best policy.

It’s inevitable for mishaps to happen no matter how hard you try to prevent them as some things are beyond our control.

And in those times, it can be tempting to make your company seem as appealing as possible by exaggerating or hiding some truths from your customers.

However, providing accurate information is important for building a positive and lasting customer relationship. Thus, instead of sugarcoating issues, be honest and admit your mistakes, and find ways to make up for them. Sometimes, a simple “sorry” and a promise to do better next time go a long way.

Always remember that TRUST is crucial to your business success. If your customers don’t trust you, they will choose somebody else.

Be a Good Listener

Consumers want brands that listen to them. Unfortunately, research shows that 42 percent of companies don’t listen to their customers.

Listening to your customers is the only way to ensure their satisfaction. By listening to them, you will have a better understanding of their needs, demands, and expectations, and eventually, shape your business into something that they will find more desirable.

Moreover, listening builds trust and lowers resistance on the part of the customers when they realize they aren’t being forced to purchase a product or service. Most importantly, listening to your customers make them feel valued, which greatly enhances their overall experience with your company.

Here’s how you can upgrade your customer-listening skills:

  • Let them speak without interrupting. Even if you already know what they need or how to address their issues, wait until they are done speaking to fully understand your customers’ concerns.
  • Engage with customers through social media. Since most people are on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram these days, they are great venues to interact with your customers.
  • Gather their feedback. Conduct surveys to get their suggestions about your product or services; or to assess whether are meet, fall short of, or exceed your customers’ expectations. Apart from getting helpful insights, it’s also a great way to show how you value your customers’ opinions.

Make Your Messaging Clear

Modern technology enables businesses to communicate easily with their customers. However, the challenge with online communication is that there’s a possibility that your customers might not get your message right, leading to confusion, worse, disappointment.

This is where working with marketing experts like StoryBrand makes sense, as they can help refine your content so your customers get the right message. You can find a StoryBrand consultant who will walk you through a 7-part framework that provides all the necessary elements for clear communication.

Lastly, when interacting with customers online, whether through chat or email, communicate as if you’re doing it face-to-face. Be concise and polite. Before hitting the “send” button, read your message a couple of times, as if you’re the customer. This way, you can easily gauge if they will get your messaging right.

Final Words

Effectively communicating with your customers is crucial to gaining their trust and loyalty. Providing accurate information, actively listening to your customers, and keeping your messaging clear are some of the best ways to improve the way you communicate with your customers.


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