Vault Security Systems AG

ivault™ is solving the world’s security challenges with state-of-the-art fraud protection powered by ground-breaking technology, i.e., The Blockchain. “I was living in the US and, at that time, moving to Switzerland. Sometime later, I went back to the US to collect the rest of my belongings from a storage facility. To my surprise, all my things were already gone. Now, for many items I had in that storage facility, there is not a price tag you can put on because family belongings, records, and other items had a very sentimental value to me.” said Arman Sarhaddar, CEO & Founder of Vault Security Systems AG.

“That is when I decided it is time to make sure something like that can be prevented. There is so much theft going on around the world, so much fraud. Using Blockchain technology was the logical step since records on Blockchain are immutable. Since then, I have built up the company with an incredible team, invested in the development and expansion of the idea, and established ivault™ as the flagship brand of Vault Security,” added Sarhaddar. The organization has built an easy-to-use platform for registering and identifying assets of any kind, with the highest cybersecurity level possible.

ivault™ allows companies to defend their supply chain from counterfeiting and plagiarism and safeguard their products. Besides, businesses can also easily track and manage their entire product life cycles via the application. With the ivault global search engine, consumers can effectively shield all of their belongings from outside influences and easily retrieve their items. Gone are the days when lost or stolen valuables would never return to their rightful owners.

ivault™ has been recognized as one the Top 10 Hot Brands of the Year. The journey to building its mark in the industry was thrilling and still is for the whole team and the partners. “I am glad that all our efforts are being recognized, that the idea and the solutions we are building on top of the ivault T™ platform receive so much attention. What is especially exciting for me is the launch of our mobile app, which is free to all users,” added Sarhaddar.

The ivault™ mobile app helps people digitize their valuables, and they can count on the ivault™ community if they lose anything to get their beloved item back. The theft and fraud prevention on top of Blockchain gets straight to the individuals with the app’s launch. It is an app that resembles the founder’s concept and principles: everyone can safeguard their valuables and belongings. People can help each other, and like-minded people can create a strong community focused on mutual support and security. The organization will ensure that the entire area is safer and healthier for all with a convenient way of supporting each other.

The mission of ivault is to become the world leader in registering, locating, and identifying lost, stolen, and counterfeit assets with the most trusted database, supply chain management, and service platform. ivault” seeks to create innovation in the blockchain that will not only improve security but also support society. The company is working to provide a realistic, inexpensive, and open distributed ledger or blockchain solution to secure its most important assets for both companies and customers.

The organization is very active in improving the experience of user collaboration and is testing various innovative features. They are experimenting with machine learning and pattern recognition for optimizing the usability of the app. Also, the organization is permanently working with its partners on tackling the challenges of today and tomorrow. Vault Security is combining different technology with the ivault Blockchain, always looking at what solutions are the best for the challenges encountered.

The ivault™ mobile app helps people digitize their valuables, and they can count on the ivaultTM community if they lose anything to get their beloved item back.

Every business person faces certain obstacles while setting up the business. To name a few: Counterfeit, theft, brand recognition, and customer relation are the topics the organization is involved in right now. In counterfeit and theft, it depends on the case. Of course, with the ivault™ platform, which works seamlessly in the background, finding the perfect solution for each client is different. The right technologies for those solutions can range from sensors, wireless communications to embedded chips. Counterfeit and theft prevention with such technology is just one side of the coin. It can also create a new contact channel between a brand and the consumer once the technology has been integrated into a product. By integrating such technologies with the ivault™ platform, which the company is currently exploring and evaluating, more and more new applications are possible.

Vault Security Systems AG has worked with several industries of different sizes. One case study would be theft prevention for containers. Containers, weighing several hundreds of pounds, got stolen from one of the clients. Not just once, but several times a year. You would imagine lifting such containers is a challenge by itself for those thieves, but they are also transporting those over hundreds of miles in plain sight. Vault Security used a tracking device with integrated theft prevention and some other technology inside and put them on the containers. It gets more complicated when those containers are standing in one place over months or years, sometimes in extreme temperatures, and the tracking devices must operate in those conditions. without running out of power. The organization found a solution to this, which works in combination with the ivault” platform, and got it up and running.

The ivault™ mobile app is launched globally, while the marketing is focused initially on the US and EU. Next, ivault™ will start marketing in Asia. Regarding features, ivault™ will have continuous updates, with more features being added, such as image recognition and insurance. For the business solutions, the organization is serving the European market, with a strong desire to expand to the US and Asia in the short term. New solutions and technologies are actively being added to Vault’s portfolio. If a challenge it encounters does not fit what it already has, it is keen to explore new trajectories.


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