The global business scenario has constantly changed over time along with how they operate. Customer insights have always played an integral role in the success of any business. Organizations have adopted various methods to collect this information, beginning from their cognitive power, transitioning into a written format and now to the digital format.

The rise of social media and the recent boom in the adoption of digital platforms has increased the frequency at founders were familiar with the types of data generated and the new privacy and data protection laws, like GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, etc. They wanted to build a solution that could provide valuable insights to clients and protect user privacy and data. So, as they make the Intuizi Platform, they tackle significant data aggregation, protection, processing, and display problems. Intuizi already provides the most cost-effective way to improve ROAS for digital campaigns. They get better for every Signal Provider and Client that they add.

Success factors

Intuizi’s team is made up of entrepreneurs who are all very comfortable with solving complicated, uncharted problems. They have each seen the beginning of trends, like video delivered through the internet, which they knew would take off. So, they are very comfortable that the problems being solved right which data is harvested from personal devices. Commercial use of this data has grown wild for years now. However, the growing consumer mistrust, government action, and competition for customers bring in a new era in this space. Companies that make money from personal data will have to adapt how they collect, store and distribute data.

This is where companies like Intuizi Inc. bring their expertise in building solutions that can protect user data privacy and provide valuable insights to clients. Ron Donaire, CEO of Intuizi Inc., was with the CEOViews team sharing their entrepreneurial journey.

Inception of Intuizi

When asked about the company’s beginning, Ron said that “the business was started in September 2019 not knowing that COVID 19 was right around the corner”. The

now will be the stepping stones others will stand on ten years out as anonymized processed data is used by every good or service provider to delight their customers.

Further adding to his remark, Ron said, “We have always felt that it was important to build, own, and operate our own High-Performance Computing infrastructure so that we could tune our data processing and get to results that others can’t due to the cost or complexity of using third-party infrastructures. Some of our team had experience building out distributing computing for cryptocurrency mining, and we have been able to put some of that knowledge to work for our clients”.

Trends and keeping up with them

Anonymized, processed data can improve almost every good or service. Sometimes how the improvement is made is difficult to see or difficult to understand, but as machine learning capabilities and the harnessing of disparate data continues, the impacts will become greater and greater. Intuizi is moving as quickly as possible to lead the discovery of new solutions and then implement them.

“We ask our team to make sure to listen to our clients carefully so if we are all asking the correct questions.” – Ron Donaire

Intuizi has built its own processing servers using a large number of NVIDIA GPUs and AI/ML software. They also wrote software to allow them to do AI/ML across the distributed server infrastructure. Unlike typical data analytics firms that rent expensive cloud computing services to perform their computations, Intuizi operates its own high-performance computing network specifically tuned to perform geospatial analytics.

In addition, Intuizi has brought anonymized signals from hundreds of millions of mobile devices, connected televisions, and other devices onto the platform to provide visitation, consumer interest, and financial transaction information. When processed by Intuizi, these signals provide Intuizi’s clients with insights that have been traditionally inaccessible to them. Intuizi allows its clients to bring in their own data as well, so they can see results within a much larger context.

Designed to provide organizations with meaningful data-driven insights, Intuizi’s innovative solution helps clients understand their businesses better, improve marketing and advertising efforts, make better decisions, and out-maneuver their competitors.


Intuizi recently announced it had joined NVIDIA Inception, a program designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with AI and data science advancements.

NVIDIA Inception will allow Intuizi to expand to more than 300 million anonymous devices that it receives signals from each day and deliver more insights to its clients faster and at a lower cost. Intuizi will also accelerate its use of NVIDIA’s AI and ML tools to help improve Intuizi’s processes. The program will also offer Intuizi the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading experts and other AI-driven organizations.

Intuizi recently announced it had joined NVIDIA Inception, a program designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with AI and data science advancements.

“Intuizi has relied on NVIDIA hardware and software from the very beginning,” – Ron Donaire

Working directly with NVIDIA will help Intuizi deliver the most advanced and cost-effective AI and ML tools to unlock insights hidden in our clients’ data and show how it relates to other data sets.”

Work culture and roadmap for the future

Intuizi has a distributed workforce that sits between Los Angeles and Tel-Aviv in every time zone. They are big believers in empowering the employees and sharing their successes. They are provided with stock options, permanent work-from-home status, and competitive salaries.

Unlike other companies, people at Intuizi are not under pressure to grow sales because they are building the product from the ground up. Adding to this, Ron said, “Starting a company with your own financial resources empowers you in innovate as quickly and efficiently as possible. This has helped us grow quicker by concentrating on the services and products that our customers need and want that can be scaled and expanded and not focusing on one-off projects that suck time and resources”.

Intuizi’s clients are currently mostly based in the U.S., but they are trying to add more clients based in Europe and Asia this year. This remains their priority for the current year.

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