Illumisoft is a custom software development company dedicated to helping healthcare providers, and clinical researchers integrate technology into their operations and studies. The firm’s position in the marketplace is that of a hungry up-and-comer compared to Microsoft, IBM, GE, or Deloitte. Envisioning a world in which every business fulfills its potential through custom software solutions, illumisoft possesses decades of combined experience delivering solutions for healthcare and healthcare research studies. The firm envisions a future where an entrepreneur’s success isn’t just about the understanding of technology, which is why they take the time to learn about their client’s business from the inside-out and translate their business needs into software that speaks the business’ language.

According to Dan Prince, CEO & Founder, illumisoft “Technology is continuing to grow exponentially and remains at the front of the pack in being relevant and staying abreast. One of our core values at illumisoft, is working hard and craftsmanship. We solve the solution in the simplest, lowest cost, most efficient way. We believe in confidently building continuous improvement and personal are courageous and tactful.” As a CEO. Dan has established his brain-child as a go-to provider of technical services. Having a memorable brand and creating a good impression helps them meet new clients without pulling out their portfolio and forcing them to look through it. “Clients don’t want to waste time and fret over those kinds of details. They want to know that you can do the job, that you’re professional in how you go about doing your job, and that they can depend on the results meeting their expectations.”, says Dan.

illumisoft’s main strength is its experience in understanding healthcare and the processes that drive healthcare. When it comes to an understanding of how hospitals, insurance, and other care providers interact, there are very few organizations that have more commendable knowledge and expertise than illumisoft. Ultimately, every patient’s quality of experience with a healthcare organization is influenced by the things they understand about the patient experience and what drives that experience in a care setting.

illumisoft’s main strength is its experience in understanding healthcare and the processes that drive healthcare.

Working Style

illumisoft believes that the level of detail is crucial when developing software, and so follows that precise communication is an absolute must. To accomplish their mission, it’s a prerequisite to understand what the clients are asking for and why they’re asking for
it. They make sure that before they begin coding, they know what they’re developing and
why, while also focusing on how to communicate technical details. The goal is to make information accessible for their clients to process and understand with a few units of
effort as possible. Usually, this means they use fewer words, more analogies, less documentation, and more illustrations. At illumisoft, they believe in doing the right things at the right price. When they bid on a project, they let the client know that it’s a guess. They bill by the hour because that way, they can pivot at any moment, and nobody loses. For the right reasons, illumisoft is in this to help business and healthcare providers do their jobs better at a sustainable price and with high expectations.


For illumisoft, working with various clients and delivering their best for them is our top priority. In one of their testimonials, “I am pleased with everything illumisoft has produced for me. From the very first discussion, they have been consistent and professional. My expectations have not only been met but have been significantly exceeded. My project is highly complex and deals with gene mutation information that I would not have expected a software company to be familiar with. But the folks at illumisoft quickly got up to speed on everything in the genomics world, and the results were that they could speak my language, allowing the project to move fast and efficiently. I highly recommend them.” – Joe Alaimo

“I have to give kudos to Matt Heelan because he has expertly held the threads together on all the communication and the entire project from the very beginning. When we first started this project, I knew that communication and communication style would be the key, and I communicated that to Matt, and I truly think he pulled it off expertly. This was a very complex project, and it is taking everybody’s effort to maintain a high level of quality, and we’re doing it, so kudos to everyone, but I don’t think we would’ve pulled it off without the expert project management provided by illumisoft.” – Mark A. Clements, MD, Ph.D.

illumisoft’s team has demonstrated their expertise with technology in database architecture and design, mobile healthcare software development, aggregation, and integration of various devices and data sources. Their ability to understand the clinical research process, medical concepts, and complex, dynamic issues was impressive. From Mark’s words, “working with their COO, Matt Heelan, has illustrated what a true partnership should feel like between two organizations. Matt is passionate about the service his team provides, and his dedication to improving the lives of patients through technology is exceptional.”

illumisoft continues to bring on excellent associates as part of their mission to improve hiring and training practices. They have also planned to invest in marketing and have partnered with Axle Eight, for revamping their messaging, website, and almost every aspect of their public image. Their ultimate desire is to become the premier custom healthcare technology provider across the US and Canada and eventually worldwide.


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