Big Data

Top 6 Ways You Can Grow Your Business Using Data Science

Data is increasing at an unsustainable pace. According to recent data, our total data volume is expected to exceed 44

By CEO 8 Min Read

The Importance of Big Data in COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 has threatened the world with a pandemic, risking our livelihood and everything related to it. The virus is so strong that no modern technology in the

By CEO 3 Min Read
The art and science of big data analysis

Recent discussion has been taking place on the existence of several different

7 Min Read
Role of Big Data in Accounting

In recent years, Big Data, along with its counterparts, has made its

5 Min Read
Big Data Uses Cases Demonstrating Digital Transformation

Big data is widely used to optimize everyday marketing, customize forecasts, measure

6 Min Read
Blockchain Metrics will make investors more transparent and better informed

Investment consultants are often quick to state that past performance data is

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Data Operations Transforming Data Management

Data Operations are the latest addition in the block to emerge from the big data and IT professionals' collective domain.

4 Min Read

Effects of Big Data

The effects of Big Data isn't new to businesses, the workforce, and society as a whole. Big data has been

7 Min Read

What are the benefits of big data?

Big data offers a wide variety of amazing benefits for companies around the globe. From the education sector to the

6 Min Read

What is the Interrelation between IoT and Big Data?

The Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have experienced rapid growth among organizations and individuals. It is predicted

5 Min Read

Big Data Security with Antivirus

Nowadays, threats and attacks are growing rapidly, along with the advancement of IT networks. Because of the scope and frequency

5 Min Read

Smart Cities using Big Data

With rapid advancement emerging in the fields of technology such as AI, IoT, data analytics, smart cities have been one

5 Min Read

Customer Analytics Enhancing Business Efficiency

Customer Analytics is becoming critical as businesses seek to retain, acquire, satisfy, and engage their customers effectively to grow business,

4 Min Read

Big Data and Predictive Analysis in Sales Growth

Analyzing a large volume of data for any company, regardless of its scale, is already an essential part of the

5 Min Read

Role of Big Data in Accounting

In recent years, Big Data, along with its counterparts, has made its way into being a household terminology in both

5 Min Read

Incorporation of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is gradually becoming widespread, affecting all facets of society — even Sonic drive-ins aim to introduce artificial intelligence

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