Benefits of big data

Big data offers a wide variety of amazing benefits for companies around the globe. From the education sector to the healthcare industry, nearly every company is currently in some way or the other tied up with big data analytics. The entire planet had only five billion gigabytes of data from the earliest starting point until 2003. In 2011, a comparable amount of data was generated in just two days. That volume was created every 10 minutes by 2013. It is, therefore, to be expected that in the previous few years, there has been a generation of 90 percent of the considerable amount of data on the planet only because of the benefits of Big Data.

The speed at which information is streamed is unusual these days, making it challenging to manage it promptly. Smart metering, sensors, and RFID labels make it essential to maintain torrents of data in practically real-time. Most businesses think it’s hard to respond quickly to the results.

These are the Benefits of Big Data.

Better Decision Making

The primary advantage of using Big Data Analytics is that it has primarily assisted the decision-making process. Instead of deciding anonymously, companies are talking about Big Data Analytics until they close any decision. A variety of customer-centric factors, such as what customers need, the solution to their problems, the analysis of their needs as indicated by market trends, and so on, are considered for better decision making. Found out about Big Data picking up footholds like the healthcare industry, financial sectors, and government sectors, and so on almost everywhere. Big Data has entered in the Casinos industry.

Casinos are heading towards big data analytics in the long run. The MGM Grand in Las Vegas has started using big data analytics to give its customers a better gaming experience. The gamblers/casino relationship is very fragile. It must be a two-way process, in general. A gambler will not return to the club if only the house owners win again and again. The owner of the house must encourage the gamblers to earn a few games.

Any company’s performance can be measured in terms of how happy and loyal their customers are. If they give what they need to customers, nothing can thwart their growth. An excellent marketing strategy that every organization should pursue is allowing its customers to select how the product will look. Mountain Dew (a soft drink brand) and Doritos (American Seasoned Tortilla Chip Brand) both used this methodology and watched shifting progress. The critical principle of belief is, let the customers pick what they need and supply that.

Mighty with AI

This intertwined presence of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most impressive advance the digital ecosystem has seen, forming the destiny of how organizations leverage their information and analytical skills to shape their business ventures. The new-age AI-based organizations readily understand the ability to combine big data with AI capabilities to generate the maximum potential and transform it into gigantic business values.

With the enormous commitment that each individual and company is making, the volume of data is only continually increasing. It is assessed that every being on the planet would consistently contribute about 1.7 mb data before the end of 2020. This connotes that if we can leverage the value of this data by using other methods or innovation, we will naturally move into an established variant of the digital ecosystem. This will also mean new and improved business models, addressing the earlier articulations of the behemoth all the more skillfully and in a better period.

Additionally, artificial intelligence helps to please unstructured data into systematic rows and columns, helping businesses to find new insights. It was similar information available before additional, but somewhere in the depths of photos, pictures, texts, audio, and document form. As time goes on, this data is all the more impressive against conventional databases; it links more locations than ever before and produces the output much more appropriately.

Enhancement of Product Price

To companies, the benefit to Big Data is that they are using Big Data to streamline the price their clients demand. They will probably set the prices to maximize profit. By Big Data, they measure rates that have given them the most drastic advantages in different notable economic circumstances. They set the cost of their product through Big Data solutions, as indicated by the customer’s ability to pay under various conditions. Their goal is to bring value to the customer for their money. To the extent that clients think that way, the organization will continue to grow consistently. However, to keep a customer always satisfied, the organization needs to make appropriate product advances as indicated by market trends, and Big Data encourages them to do so.


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