Big Data

Top 6 Ways You Can Grow Your Business Using Data Science

Data is increasing at an unsustainable pace. According to recent data, our total data volume is expected to exceed 44

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What is the Interrelation between IoT and Big Data?

The Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have experienced rapid growth among organizations and individuals. It is predicted that the amount of data generated will increase to 175

By CEO 5 Min Read
The Chief HR Data Scientist

Since HR embraces the promise of data - driven decision - making,

4 Min Read
Customer Analytics Enhancing Business Efficiency

Customer Analytics is becoming critical as businesses seek to retain, acquire, satisfy,

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Importance and Types of Big Data Visualization Tools

There is no point in gathering massive chunks of big data if

8 Min Read
Is Data the future of Energy Industry?

Energy Industry is an essential and indispensable commodity of our economy. It

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The Rise and Rise of Big Data Analytics

It seems that there is no industry that big data can’t be applied to. Everyone knows the application of big

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Big Data in Healthcare, a Pure Win-Win Situation

By 2020, one third of the digital world will be engulfed by data. It’s a known fact that the vast

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