With the growing use of technology, the cyber dimension is bringing new challenges, as the traditional methods and tools for catch criminals are getting replaced by computer software and hardware. Tools and techniques that were developed for traditional police work are not enough to combat modern-day issues. The internet has become huge cyberspace that easily hides millions of crimes being committed globally. Addressing this situation, Nucleon has developed solutions to fight cybercrime.

Inspired by the advanced techniques used by Sherlock Holmes, Nucleon has come up with innovations and techniques with a modern twist to fight cybercrimes. The company has developed Polymorphic Sensors, which work on AI, per the brain of Sherlock Holmes. It records cyber incidents across the internet, 24×7, and worldwide. The information about the incidents is sent for processing through AI. The attack data is transferred to a secure cloud application that uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms and other methods to identify details about the attacks. Nucleon is able to autonomously learn about cyber attackers and block them before they could target its clients by using highly sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms that almost completely replace the need for human intervention. The Holmes AI is a sophisticated neural network that studies the data and derives conclusions. The system is completely autonomous and is able to learn, categorize and alert about new threats by using modern patented technologies to provide first of its kind and unique intelligence with zero per cent false positives.

Nucleon focuses primarily on innovative technologies that give organizations the ability to block cyberattacks. The solutions help predict the origin of cyberattacks and block the threats even before they try to breach the network. Using Nucleon technologies organizations of all sizes can modify their security tools with a new layer of cybersecurity that is proactive.

Nucleon offers several services and products related to cybersecurity. The Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds can constantly provide information on threats relevant to specific clients. The reverse reconnaissance technologies used in this system is the best fit for enterprise networks and other sensitive networks that needs to be highly secured. The cybercure.ai is a simple, open-source version of simplified cybersecurity, which is used by SMBs and home users. cybercure.ai blogs and podcasts are very popular due to the fact that they bring current subjects of cybersecurity for non-technical people. iccin.com or ICCIN is a network aimed for governments, in which they can participate for free and receive alerts about cyber threats. For the on-premise appliance, Threat Predictor has been developed to filter out bad traffic in real-time and make sure the network is safe.

Empowering the cybersecurity market, Nucleon’s high-quality services help cybersecurity vendors and hardware vendors of internet-connected devices, save millions each year by offering advanced proactive cybersecurity services. Moreover, the company is also expanding rapidly with already existing offices in Israel, Europe and the USA.


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