Recognizing the void in the market place and the gap exiting between the larger management consulting firms and the smaller firms and independent consultants, NMS Consulting is aiming to redefine the management consulting industry.

Most of the lower middle market firms are too small for large management consulting firms to consider as a new client and often do not get the attention they deserve. Yet, in most cases are also not properly served by small consultancy firms or independent consultants. Addressing this situation, NMS Consulting has positioned itself to be able to offer staff and service to any lower middle market firm, with the agility and flexibility to handle projects of any size. The company’s experienced professionals who have familiarity and proven track record working with large firms focus on providing the same level of expertise to all the clients. NMS Consulting has a higher level of client interface and with a more economical pricing structure as compared to the rest of the service providers in the market.

The company offers services that add value and is affordable for every organization. NMS Consulting aligns with its clients with a pricing structure that is solution focused and milestone-based as the company believes that its relationship with clients will evolve only when both sides win. “It all begins with our staff, the ambassadors of the firm, as they provide the first impression to the client and are capable of being an independent consultant by their own,” says Trevor M. Saliba, Managing Partner at NMS Consulting. The company can draw upon stable experienced management consultants and has a successful track record working at the larger global consulting firms. It offers a different perspective to its clients, specifically from the “business owner” perspective, dealing with why or how a particular mandate or exercise will provide valuable insight into changes or strategies to be made.

The firm currently operates globally with the largest team concentration in the Los Angeles area. It is actively growing its teams in key U.S. cities. NMS Consulting is also looking for tier 2 cities as additional hubs to support their clients, by focusing on the dominating industry of the select city and also in preparation of the upcoming regulations surrounding data privacy. Also, the company is actively growing its London office as it serves as its European hub as with the recent uncertainties surrounding Brexit, NMS Consulting is discovering new unchartered opportunities each day. To manage this growth, the company has made technology its key and maintains the latest state of the art technology whether it is software, cloud-based or equipment.


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