Technology solutions have evolved to support us in almost any activity, professionally and personally. They increase productivity, help us stay organized, and can improve communication. We now have reached a stage where, without these tools, it becomes very difficult for us to run our daily operations, especially in the IT sector.

The same applies to the Microsoft suite. All the applications that come along with the Microsoft Office 365 cloud suite have now become part of the corporate culture. Every day, millions of modern businesses rely on the suite’s capabilities to communicate, create documents, and keep their records in order. Although many people are familiar with Office, there is much more to it than they realize, particularly since the debut of Microsoft Office 365.

Businesses can change and become mobile-first by leveraging Microsoft Office 365, which provides them with the security, collaboration, and productivity capabilities they need to stay one step ahead of their competitors. It takes a strong strategy to manage the impact of technological change while also enabling staff to quickly adapt, and become more productive in order to successfully transform an organization. This is frequently the point at which most enterprises encounter difficulties.


This is where companies like Softvative, a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner, can assist enterprises in realizing the full potential of their IT investments. Softvative’s key services offering are around Digital Transformation, Microsoft 365, Project Solutions, Cloud Solutions using on Azure and AWS.

Faisal Masood, Owner and Principal Consultant at Softvative, was with the CEOViews team to share details about their entrepreneurial journey and how Softvative is helping enterprises with their digital and cloud transformation.


Softvative was founded in order to provide creative solutions, high-quality products, and dependable services. In addition, the company assists clients with their cloud journey by using a holistic approach that includes conceptualizing, designing, architecting, migrating, training, security, operations, and support services. Softvative’s connection with Microsoft provided value to the company and drew interest from both private and publicly traded organizations alike.

“Initially, there were a lot of obstacles to overcome, but the Microsoft collaboration provided a significant amount of value for us in terms of acquiring more client recommendations.” Faisal, the owner of Softvative, says, “We were also able to utilise that as part of our expertise because we have qualified people that are Microsoft Certified.” Beyond digital transformation, project management, and cloud solutions, the company has also built a learning management system (LMS), which allows clients to receive training as part of the consulting services they receive from the company. Softvative gives the most value to its clients by bringing all of their products and services together under one roof and at an affordable price.

A problem-solving approach

Softvative prioritizes the needs of its clients and seeks a deeper understanding of the value that the solutions may provide to them, rather than simply giving them a tool. When adopting any solution to meet compliance standards across several industry verticals, the organization adheres to industry best practices to ensure success. Another key factor to consider is the tool that is used to enhance the solution for the client. Softvative is the company of choice when it comes to combining a process with a tool that can provide significant long-term benefits to clients.

Furthermore, Softvative has a wealth of knowledge and experience in a variety of architectural designs and standards, including TOGAF architecture. As a result, the company is better able to think about not just the client’s application but also the enterprise architecture, information architecture, and different levels of the organization in order to come up with a solution that works together and efficiently.

New launch: Projenance

In Q3 of 2021, Softvative launched the newest product in their portfolio, Projenance.

Projenance Budget Planner is Softvative’s SAAS (Software As a Service) solution that allows project and activity-based budget planning and management for companies. The Projenance Budget Planner helps companies of different sizes and different industries manage their current and proposed budgets using just the browser.

Projenance provides an effective, centralized way of managing budgets for companies. Their best-in-class enterprise budgeting features have role-based access, granular permissions, and department vs. organization-level access security. Apart from this, they also provide onboarding services, training, and support around enterprise budget planning using this tool.

A Roadmap for the Future

The company’s long-term goal is to become a Microsoft Gold Partner in the near future. Softvative intends to increase the number of employees both locally and at its offshore development center in order to achieve this goal. In parallel, the company is looking forward to developing some add-on products that will support consulting and professional services in the areas of Cloud, Office 365, SharePoint, and project management, to name a few examples of this. “By leveraging some of the intelligence provided by Microsoft Azure, we are developing some applications that will benefit our customers in such a way that they will recognize the value of investing in these technologies, “says the developer. “Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Clouds will be the primary focus of our future investments,” Faisal concludes.

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