Medicine as a group of subjects has been evolving ever since. Considering the long-term effects that various drugs have on the human body, people are turning away from modern medicine and moving toward the practices that does not involve drugs. While multiple techniques are performed globally, Cryotherapy has gained massive traction in recent years.

Cryotherapy is a form of medical therapy where the tissue lesions are treated and pain is managed with the help of low temperature. Advocates for cryotherapy cite a variety of health benefits, many relying on claims of reduced inflammation, pain relief, and muscle recovery. Thanks to the efforts by the organizations like iCRYO, the practice is now widely accepted and used across the globe.

iCRYO elevates people’s lifestyle by providing professional, affordable, and convenient recovery services while raising the bar in the growing health and wellness industry. iCRYO had the focus of setting a standard for the health and wellness industry and is truly abiding by that. Kyle Jones, COO & Co-Founder of iCRYO was with the CEOViews team to discuss more on their entrepreneurial journey.

The story of the inception

iCRYO was established in 2015. Kyle Jones had working experience in the physical therapy field. He found his passion in health and wellness after pursuing his college career as a football player and graduating from Texas State University with a degree in Exercise Sports Science and Business Management. He was one among the very few people to have first access to Cryotherapy in the U.S. in 2012 and realized the astounding health benefits that Cryotherapy could help people if only available in a commercial setting.

“Helping someone feel better is the most internally rewarding feeling any human being could ask for.” – Kyle Jones

Making a name for itself

To be influential in any industry, the founder has to build a team that shares the same passion as they do, has the same determination to do great things as they do, and is aligned in various personal & business qualities. Adding to this, Kyle said, “Alignment before the assignment is a great phrase in this specific scenario. We were able to bring together the right people at the right time to take the proper steps in the industry. We have gone day to day with the mindset that we will be the industry leaders in what we do, but we won’t get there without the whole team bringing their efforts day in and day out”.

Growth drivers

iCRYO’s consistent growth comes from the top down. As co-founders of the company, Kyle and his father, Bill Jones, have an entrepreneurial spirit that flows through their veins. They also possess the willingness to fight together to achieve anything put in front of them. Both understand that to achieve greatness in life, you will fail more than you will succeed, but that one success makes all the difference. Most people give up on the first or second failure. They gravitate toward finding people who are cut from the same cloth and share the same passion and qualities in business and daily life.

Further speaking about the same, Kyle said, “Our franchisees and employees are sharp, determined, and passionate about helping others around them. The level of passion that’s embedded in our team is unmatchable. Some companies in our industry are growing faster, and some are slower than we are, but we know the proper pace to be viewed as the brand in the industry”.

The differentiating factor

iCRYO franchisees greatly reflect the training and operations systems that the founders have put in place to operate efficiently and give the guest a first-class experience in every iCRYO Center across the nation. The industry is moving fast, and they know that the training and education from the corporate office to the field is a never-ending process. They give the franchisees the knowledge and tools to ensure the communities they serve are top-notch.

iCRYO has partnered with some of the largest organizations around the world in every facet of health, wellness, pain management, beauty, weight loss, nutraceuticals, and sports performance. They are bringing safer and more efficient technology to the market via a franchise model. Their equipment knowledge brings further innovation to the services provided to the guests. At the same time, their Medical Advisory Board is constantly looking at forms of application and enhancing proper policy and procedures for best practices with those services.


Also, the wide variety of talent in the home office provides them with this edge. From the executive team to each internal department and down to the franchisees. The collaboration of their medical advisory board and the franchisee advisory committee also gives them the extra edge needed to take leaps and bounds in the industry. Everyone in the iCRYO franchise systems plays a role in the growth.

Growth trajectory

2019 was a year of rapid growth and expansion, awarding 67 additional franchise licenses throughout six states. Year over year, revenues tripled in 2019 and again in 2020, landing iCRYO in the top 900 fastest growing businesses in the U.S.

2020 was again a massive year of growth, opening 8 locations in 4 states and tripling the corporate infrastructure. Nineteen additional franchise licenses were awarded in 3 states bringing their total company units to 93.

In 2021, iCRYO went international and showed hyper-growth through October with 346% growth in revenues over 2020 and 165 additional franchise licenses in 16 states and Canada. Twelve others opened in 2021, with a total number of units sold at 258 and 22 open units.

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