Santoku Corporation

Santoku Corporation is a global company that was founded for the production of alloys and other specialized manufacturing. The organization has been stimulating innovation focused on virtual reality, which enabled them to visualize things and start a business with a never-ending strong will for seeking the new frontier. The prime focus on universal safety has motivated Santoku Corporation to expand its business globally. The organization is leveraging Virtual Reality to offer enhanced safety and efficiency by making prototypes of products according to customer requests and obtaining feedback information from customers through field tests on those prototypes. The organization repeats improvements according to new requirements and completes commercialization. Even after the product is released, it continues to collect requests and opinions from customers and make improvements to improve the functional quality of the software. This method is based on the Cyclone philosophy, which it has been working on repeatedly for 20 years. With the help of this repetitive process, new ideas are born, and the business moves forward.

Santoku Corporation has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Trustworthy Companies of the year 2021. The organization has devoted itself to safety and security and has carried out product development. Engineering research elements are incorporated as products, and challenges are taken in new fields to complete products. “We believe that new products and services that integrate with technology in the medical field will be born in the future, and our new challenges will continue to continue to provide them,” says Mr. Susumu Matsuda, Division Director of Information and Technology Division. Multiple engineering technologies are combined to create a new composite fusion technology and that result is the novel product obtained. Mr. Susumu Matsuda felt the effectiveness of 3D CAD being used in the design and visualizing in 3D. He understood the future of this effective use of a visual expression, and thus started the VR business at the Santoku Corporation. Reproduction of the five senses of a person and its use can provide services with high added value for the person. A method that directly works on people’s minds through the reproduction of sensations and indirectly leads to people’s safety and security is an especially useful means for society. By focusing on the human senses, sensory communication means work beyond the language barrier. This method will give Santoku Corporation an absolute position as a global standard.

The mission of Santoku Corporation is to increase and ensure human safety and maintain the environment of the earth where people live. The organization will achieve its goal by finding these means and continuing to provide them as effective tools. To complete the mission, the team divides the process into four phases over a long period, creates a roadmap, and executes it. After completing the preparatory stage for Phase 0, they are constructing a disaster database for Phase 1 and implementing standardization and dissemination activities.

Santoku Corporation has completed the development of the platform for building the system and is in the process of building a database for effectively sharing information on disaster events. By constructing and sharing a disaster sharing database in this step, the organization aims to promote the introduction of safety ideas in society and complete an environment in which the technology is disseminated socially. This work can reduce unknown disasters, gradually turn disasters into known disasters, improve the ability to respond to those disasters, and improve safety. The organization is determined and has further plans to build a method to share this disaster database, communicate it efficiently, and use it effectively.

In the software industry, the platform for software development tools for software development has been improved. Behind this lies the open-source concept that has become the concept of shared libraries. This concept of open source has made it possible to promote the reuse of resources, combine technologies more efficiently, and develop products with increased added value, accelerating the development speed. Based on these situations, it is possible to use the functions that already exist in the world as they are and to concentrate on the development work of new functions and technologies. With these, the team plans to apply robot control, which they are good at, and concentrate on the reproduction of the five senses and the use of those senses for research and development. These techniques give birth to new technologies for sensory reproduction.

The disaster database of Santoku Corporation and the education that raises the risk sensitivity using it directly appeals to the minds of the experienced people through the five senses through the sense organs. Therefore, it can be used beyond the language barrier and can change the awareness of disasters.

Therefore, to ensure safety, the organization will continue to carry out dissemination activities to expand the 3-step program it recommends overseas. Furthermore, it has plans to develop products that combine brain chemistry and psychology technologies to improve educational effects by optimizing sensory expressions according to each person’s sensibilities and proceed with commercialization work which will realize a mechanism of sensitivity transmission suitable for each person.

The mission of Santoku Corporation is to increase and ensure human safety and maintaining the environment of the earth where people live.

A communication method that goes beyond the framework of VR and uses all five senses is the most suitable means of communication for humans. By using 5G communication, which is now becoming widespread, and networks spread all over the world, it will be possible to realize communication including emotions between remote areas. These optimized communication methods and consciousness communication methods are expected to be applied and used in various fields. The construction of a disaster database and the mechanism for sharing that information take time to be implemented by a single company. Therefore, Santoku Corporation needs the cooperation of companies, organizations, and governments that it sympathizes with. Santoku Corporation believes that it can reduce the damage caused by disasters through these activities and help people living in society by providing information on the changes in the environment of the earth and connecting them to actions.


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