It is not a hidden strategy anymore that the digital platforms are challenging the way the world works. People now are more reliant on applications and browsers as their daily drivers. In such a changing time, it becomes very much crucial for businesses to have a digital presence for themselves. However, this sometimes becomes difficult as there is a serious investment of time and talent in developing these digital platforms.


However, companies like One Act Inc. are on their way to disrupting this industry too. They soon realized that building applications from scratch are not a cup of tea for all businesses, and they can leverage this by creating a marketplace to share the pieces of these works (called source code). Their unique AI technology has created a mechanism to achieve customer fairness and maximize profits. They have obtained several patents as a business system using AI technology and are constantly making sure that the customers trust their marketplace,“PieceX”.

For all the innovation that the company is bringing to the market, One Act Inc. is chosen to be one of the Top 50 most admired companies. Yusuke Asano, Founder and CEO of One Act Inc. were with the CEO Views team to share their entrepreneurship journey and build this marketplace for source codes.

Story of inception

Before the existence of One Act Inc., Yusuke Asano used to work with a major Japanese Electronic parts manufacturer. During his tenure there, he garnered business experience. When he started software development, he immediately noticed that “Software has no parts.” Most products, whether machines, cars, or furniture, are made by combining parts, mainly because they are efficient and provide a high-profit margin. But for some reason, software was either developed from scratch or developed in difficult-to-use packages. He asked many people why this was the case but never got a convincing answer. This made him realize that there was a business opportunity there, the opportunity to create a global marketplace for software parts, Source codes! This is how One Act Inc. was established.

The core team at One Act Inc. is located in 5 different locations across the world; this helps them to support their customers at any time.

Standing out from the crowd

Onc Act Inc. handles source-code-based products and caters to wide geography. Though they are a small startup from Japan, they now have offices in 5 countries, members from 12 countries, and their service has a track record in 170 countries around the world. As a flat entity not centered around a specific person in a specific country, they now receive inquiries from around the world, ranging from very small island companies to big government agencies.

Their main strength lies in the unique, globally recognized AI technology installed in the source code marketplace. They utilize many AI technologies such as dynamic price management, copyright protection, and recommendations. The fact that One Act Inc. is pioneering in this genre also gives a great advantage and willingness to surpass any difficulties of delivering consistently. This technology has won grand prizes as an advanced service at awards such as the European startup event 4YFN contest and the Japanese “The Independents Club” contest. These successes have given them a lot of recognition and expanded their partner network.

What it is like to work at One Act Inc.

The core team at One Act Inc. is located in 5 different locations across the world; this helps them to support their customers at any time. Also, because they follow a startup culture, they have very few rules and restrictions. The organization has a very confident, self-driven environment, giving its team trust and empowerment, which is why the team is very flexible to whatever the company may need. This way, they always give priority to the customers, decision-making, and the work. Adding to this, Yusuke Asano said, “of course, as CEO, I try to work harder than anyone else.”

Driving Innovation

Innovation plays a crucial role in the success of any technology company. One Act Inc.’s innovation comes from their team. Their team comes from all over the world in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, and everyone has a lot of knowledge and information to bring to the table. As an organization, they value team discussions, and new ideas are constantly welcomed. For example, a new feature recently launched, PieceX for OSS is a new initiative to connect the global Open Source Software market and the Source Code trading market to generate new revenue for OSS. This initiative was entirely devised by team e ort and tens of brainstorming/planning sessions.

What’s ahead?

AI will continue to evolve in marketplace technology. It is the best for calculations such as supply, demand, and pricing. One Act Inc. is constantly discovering ways to expand the use of AI while its competitors haven’t tried yet. In addition to that, the trend of source code as a product evolves every day. They already have state-of-the-art source code in our marketplaces such as AI, FinTech, HealthTech, FoodTech, and more.

Further speaking about their Organization for the future, Yusuke Asano said, “The words that describe our organization are Flat, Global, Diverse, Empathetic, Respectful, and Complimentary. While members of many nationalities are gathered, we have deeply rooted empathy for our services and organizations. We also have strong interpersonal and intrapersonal bonds, always respecting and complementing each other’s abilities and the culture behind them. That’s why we are able to build a strong team.”


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