The global business scenario has been changing forever. Evolving consumer behavior and advancements in technology have been pushing companies to adapt to the trend. The recent mass adaptation of the digital economy has been a great example.

This digital requirement is not new; it has merely been brought to light. Before the pandemic, the economy underwent a paradigm change toward digitization and servitization. Current events have hastened the paradigm change, as indicated by a significant shift in spending toward digital businesses. Numerous companies offer their services to digitize and enable these businesses with modern technology. However, Leobit has made a name for itself in the application development space.

Leobit is a full-cycle web and mobile application development provider for technology companies and startups. Oleksa Stelmakh, CEO of Leobit were with the CEO Views team to share their journey.


Oleksa Stelmakh, the founder of Leobit has overall twenty years of working experience in the tech field. During his working period, he realized that many startups couldn’t get what they needed because of being too focused on technology instead of creating value. Thus he was inspired to create a boutique software company that offers all the core web and mobile development services and takes every project personally. In 2014, he established a company with a small team and launched the first directions, including .NET, mobile, and web.


Speaking about their early days of starting up, Oleksa said, “R&D plays a crucial role during the initial days to come out with an innovative idea. The start of R&D programs has become a commitment to continuous innovations.” Their team evaluates and validates different platforms and services to pick those that meet the latest market needs best. Besides, he believes the results of their work and successful projects speak for them and help build the brand. Many Leobit’s customers refer their peers to use their services. They created a dedicated team for every project based on the customer’s unique needs and built a clear roadmap from the start for maximum transparency. It helps with planning and allows them to deliver solutions consistently.

Their company encourages initiative from every employee.

No hyper control or forced to follow a standard path.

Staying ahead of the competition

In the current trend, speaking of mobile and web development, people are growingly interested in blockchain, AI & machine learning technologies. The founder adopts two approaches to catch up with the trends. First, they invest in training their current employees and encourage all kinds of educational programs. Second, recruitment and HR departments work hard to hire and retain top tech specialists in the most popular domains.

Their top mobile and web development technologies include .NET Core, ASP.NET, Angular, Ruby, Swift, Kotlin, React.js, React Native, and Flutter. Apart from these directions, they also grow a share of projects using artificial intelligence, human augmentation, and intelligent process automation.

Innovative solutions

They have a well-experienced R&D team, which helps them to find more effcient solutions for their customers and, at the same time, drive innovations. For instance, they have developed the jewelry enterprise software solution that has revolutionized B2B jewelry commerce. One of the biggest challenges was to maintain a number of huge distributed datasets on multiple platforms (AWS, Google Cloud) while also keeping them synchronized so the users could quickly receive a perfectly matched recommendation of jewelry items. Their engineering team came up with the idea of creating a solution that e ectively bridges all those storages together and ensures data synchronization while keeping the system globally available even under the heavy load.

A COO of the customer’s company says that “The staff members had no previous experience with jewelry or building supply chain software. But they did have the technical knowledge of how to put this together. The level of talent there is pretty exceptional, and their speed of reaction and ability to solve problems, particularly around development hires, is something we predictively wouldn’t have had with others, and that’s quite unique of Leobit.”

Leobit tries to understand the business and operational needs behind every project. The software doesn’t always have to be advanced – it must leverage the best industry solutions to help end-users with their daily tasks. That’s how they meet their customers’ expectations and grow as a company.


In 2016, Leobit opened once in Austin, TX, their first international branch. While keeping the main development team in Lviv, Ukraine, they also have a European development center located in Tallinn, Estonia. Also, they partner with local organizations that facilitate international cooperation, including the Austin Chamber of Commerce, the Ukrainian-Swiss Business Association, the Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, and others. In the coming years, they aim to extend their client base and help in building innovative solutions to real-world problems.


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