The supply chain industry has been the backbone of the global economy since time unknown. The recent developments happening due to the onset of the e-commerce industry have pushed this industry to rely more on technology for its success.

Empower Technologies is a pioneer in providing solutions for the problems existing in the current courier and supply chain industry. The company is the culmination of 30 years of
operational experience and the development of a single platform to bridge the islands of technology that exist in today’s supply chain market.

Lee Rector, President of Empower Technologies, was with the CEOViews team to share their speech about their journey of solving some of the serious problems of the modern world.


With the onset of the last mile and the technology supporting the major market leaders in courier deliveries and other supply chain operations, Empower felt a need to bring that
technology to the major segment of the business world, the SMB companies.

Speaking about the inception of the company, Lee said, “The thought of tracking shipments has been around for years, and there are others out there offering one variation or another of tracking across major modes. The challenge has always been the OTR (over the road) transportation visibility. We were always at a loss to track large samples of orders because of the technological barrier of getting data from over 1,000,000 carriers. With the onset of the last mile and the technology supporting the major market leaders in courier deliveries, the opportunity was to bring that technology and integrate OTR carriers as a majorsegment of the business world, the SMB companies. We  have  added  dynamic  features  to  the  core operating system of Empower over the past 3 years and raised its capabilities to provide complete tracking from the first mile to the last mile, deploying across a large sample of the population and releasing our universal solution to the market in 2022, where all companies are on a shared platform.”


The journey of Empower Technologies LLC started with challenges and finding solutions to get over the market. The idea to commercialize has been very quick, and now as they slowly introduce new markets to their solution, adoption is following the same path.

They followed their own strategy to find the path toward success. They stayed away from the model of being all things to all companies and have kept a focused and narrow field of division.-develop for the SMB and deploy technology that benefits all at a base data level. Capture in real-time when the load or shipment will arrive in real-time. The innovation they put into their mode of services with the technology has satisfied all the customers.


As technology continues to change various industries, people can now do things faster and more efficiently than ever. The logistics industry is one of the many sectors that are experiencing rapid change. In today’s world, where consumers look for convenience and faster delivery times, incorporating the latest technologies is essential in providing reliable courier services. Thus, you need to find a courier company that openly embraces technology.

Technology is moving away from mounted GPA trackers in a vehicle to using mobile applications and tying that in with the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) within the vehicle hardware. Empower Technologies LLC has created an application that provides real-time tracking as well as the ELD technology with the ability to parse the expected data to unique recipients within the market.


At the foundation level, their senior executives have been operators and managers in this space for over 30 years. The innovative plan behind the growth of the company can be explained by the following factors:

Primarily, they created an application where there was a real need. Empower Technologies has been built to make it universally accessible to most companies by being inexpensive and platform-independent. All you need is internet access and a mobile app. They have created the wish list from an operator’s point of view, with an understanding of building the application to suit the driver experience. Their mode has been to build technology that is agnostic and free to the driver but provides extensive benefits to both the shipper and consignee at the same time. Thus they built an application that meets the needs of the trucking communities by giving them financial and technical benefits, and then to the shipper and consignee technical benefits of knowing when the shipment will arrive… So now, the TAAP Mobile App, and Empower Web Application will provide the necessary input to support the future technical drive to more prescriptive analytics in the warehouse by providing real-time data.


Their 2022 plan was to release in North America and Australia, which they have done and been extremely successful. So much so that they are moving up the South American release to Q4 of 2022 and into the European and ASEAN market in Q1 2023. The Q3 release of the TAAP Load board again will redefine the transportation market by allowing truckers to find loads on a board with no brokerage fees and have automatic payment within 72 hours, and at the same time providing the shippers with real-time tracking and progress reporting on ETA.


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