NVISNx is an innovative information governance, risk, and compliance (iGRC) company that solves the challenges as to why breaches continue to happen and what makes privacy compliance so difficult. After years of working, advising, and building cybersecurity and privacy programs for some of the most complex organization in the world, Glen Day, CEO & Founder of NVISNx discovered that there is a fundamental, systemic issue within the industry — where companies that have invested millions in the most advanced cyber controls available still experience security breaches. He created NVISNx to solve this common data-breach pain point while taking a unique approach: everything is asset-centric. The asset, in this case, is the data itself. By identifying critical business data and then correlating critical data with its associated controls and user behaviors, NVISNx transforms cybersecurity professionals from reactive firefighters who must tend to data-breach blazes, to proactive data defenders who can prevent painful breaches beforehand.

NVISNx has been recognized as one of the 50 Innovative Companies of the Year 2021 based on its achievements. A complex, comprehensive understanding of the industry and the challenges experienced triggered the start of NVISNx. The company is driven to develop innovative, automated, and user-friendly solutions to address business issues relating to better management and protection of all critical data to prevent any data breach.

Companies possess both critical data which needs protection and junk data that hinders the effectiveness of the existing security controls. As few companies have reliable and enterprise-wide data management capabilities, they often keep everything forever. Unknowingly, this increases their cyber-attack surface, expands their compliance scope, and incurs greater storage costs. Throughout the corporate journey, NVISNx has been endorsing that companies first have to get control of their data, understand their data in context, and associate the data with the cyber controls and user behaviors to be able to truly protect the data that needs protection and eliminate any data that is not driving value within the company.

The initial challenge of NVISNx was to ensure the development of a platform that could successfully break down complicated communication barriers between IT, security, and the business while allowing each team to access a centralized, real-time, global view of all their data through an intuitive interface. This simplified dashboard insight allows teams to jointly decide what data to protect, how to protect it, and what to purge to benefit the overall growth and prosperity of the company. The organization’s first product was just released when COVID-19 had first hit. Customers and prospective investors took a step back to make big investments in new solutions. It was through this process that NVISNx’s true differentiator was organically revealed – protecting prize data while purging the junk. NVISNx was embraced by top executives when it proved to save its customers money by simply eliminating the junk data which is often more of a liability than an asset.

NVISNx’s iGRC platform is the first-to-market platform that inventories all data, integrates, and correlates those data with its controls and user behaviors to provide the end-user a global view of its data, wherever it is stored. This advancement provides extremely valuable insights to help companies distinguish between good and bad cyber intelligence to better tune data protection rules. NVISNx is using several open-source and advanced technologies, along with leading security best practices and frameworks within its platform, which consists of four primary components: a management console, an ingestion server, a massive data repository, and a visual analytics engine. NVISNx leverages machine learning, Kubernetes, Docker, and Ansible at the core of its platform, and GitHub and JIRA to support the complex, collaborative, and design components of its solution.

NVISNx focuses on three main customer personas all focused on supporting business use cases. The first set of use cases is important to the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) whose primary goals are data protection and risk and compliance visibility. This platform allows CISO’s to reliably protect sensitive and critical data, such as customer privacy, employee privacy, IP, sensitive financials, etc. and, also allows them to gain greater transparency and oversight of cyber risk and privacy compliance measures. The second set of use cases are important to the Chief Data Officer (CDO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), or the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) whose primary goals are to provide an available and reliable infrastructure and data to support the business strategy of the company. This platform allows these executives to reduce business risk and costs by removing files that are outdated to support initiatives such as data minimization, storage reclamation, and attack surface reduction. It can also reliably consolidate data from legacy datacenters or current cloud repositories to new repositories to enhance cloud migration, data collaboration, knowledge management, data archiving, and business resiliency and recovery. The last set of use cases is important to Legal who wants to improve legal operations, understand risk and compliance visibility and remove unnecessary data from the enterprise. For these stakeholders, the platform provides increased efficiencies and lower costs related to eDiscovery, investigations, and records retention.


NVISNx has worked with several industries of different sizes including an emerging Internet of Things (IoT) Telematics Company. NVISNx was selected to accelerate and simply its SOC2 compliance efforts and to provide continuous compliance monitoring to sustain its proactive risk and compliance posture. As a result, the telematics company won the business of many Fortune 500 customers who entrusted the telematics company with their information and its ability to continually adhere to the highest regulatory standards to ensure confidentiality and protection of their data.

NVISNx will continue to satisfy customers’ needs as it looks into the future. The organization currently has over 350 business use cases and will continue to grow by expanding its AI, machine learning, and automation capabilities. Additionally, NVISNx will enter new industries and geographic markets as it increases its brand awareness and continually delivers value to its customers. NVISNx offers the first-to-market iGRC platform to protect customers’ crown jewels and eliminate junk data wherever it resides. This will help its customers’ grow by becoming more effective, efficient, and proactive in risk management.


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