Organizations today are grappling with the challenge to protect sensitive data within and outside their traditional corporate network. According to a recent Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 81 percent of hacking-related breaches leveraged stolen and/or weak passwords, a worrying scenario indeed. Despite headline-making breaches, hackers are increasingly going after the soft underbelly of an organization, its users, rather than breaking through the front door. This makes it critical for organizations to take a trusted access approach to their data security, where only trusted users and healthy devices are accessing the applications they need to get their work done.

Duo Security, a global leader in providing trusted access, offers one of the most convenient yet effective ways to protect enterprise user data (employee data and customer data) from attacks and breaches. Duo’s innovative two-factor authentication (2FA) solution offers organizations the needed protection from data breach. By doing this, Duo ensures protection against breaches through phishing, malware and other attack. The solution offers several methods of authentication to users based on their comfort and ease of use. Through Push notifications, one of the most secure forms of 2FA, users can verify their identity by simply approving a push notification from the Duo Mobile app. Phone callbacks, and SMS Passcodes with TOTP (Time Based One Time Passwords) are included under the two-factor authentication umbrella as well. Two-factor authentication is one of the most effective methods to simply and easily secure users and corporate data.

Duo’s Trusted Access product suite helps organizations provide access to sensitive data to only authorized and trusted users and trusted devices. The solution verifies the user’s identity and health of the device they use before granting access. Currently, Duo’s two-factor authentication is receiving praise across the security landscape by adding strength, ease of use and scalability to the security posture of organisations worldwide. With the increased adoption of cloud applications across industries, Duo has allowed organizations to make that shift to a cloud and mobile-focused environment with flexibility and agility.
With a mission to offer easy and effective security solutions, Duo Security’s vision is to transform the security industry and help organizations adapt to an increasingly perimeter-less era. To do this, the company launched Duo Beyond, helps organizations enable safe, seamless access from untrusted networks without the frustration of traditional virtual private network (VPN) or network access control (NAC) experiences. Duo Beyond’s strength lies in its ease of implementation – 75 percent of customers are up and running in less than a week compared to six to 12 months for comparable products.

Though there are a number of security solutions and products in the market, its important to consider one that will be able to help your organization tackle future challenges and pain points in the ever-evolving security landscape. Duo Security is one such firm that builds upon its past success with innovation to help achieve its mission of securing its customers’ mission.


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