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Labrys is a new breed of consultancy company, combining marketing and business expertise with technology know-how and capabilities and was established in 2013. With its diverse team,consisting of business and technology consultants and professional services experts ,Labrys acts as a customer experience and marketing technology agent in Central & Eastern Europe, Turkey, Africa, and the Middle East. Labrys is bridging the gaps between brands and technology by streamlining strategy and execution in Audience Marketing, Marketing Automation, and Customer  Care for a better customer experience.

During his early entrepreneurship,Sinan Günal,one of the managing partners of Labrys, has been an evangelist and a thought leader in MarTech and AdTech space when he established Turkey’s first and foremost DigitalAgency in the year 1999. The agency he founded with his colleagues was sold to a global communications group and then joined Labrys team with Hakan Akkaya to create this business model. On the other hand, Hakan Akkaya has been dealing with technology implementations for most of his career. The two managing partners with diverse backgrounds bring a perfect blend of marketing and technology into Labrys DNA.

Customer Experience is the key to unlock growth today. Reaching out to audiences with advertising, amplifying brand experience with marketing automation and finally delivering exceptional customercare are siloed processes in today’s organization. Labrys aims to streamline these processes and create a seamless customer understanding & journey. Digital is more than a keyword for a couple of nerds. So, all business stakeholders must understand the new opportunities in unfolding our ways of doing business in marketing venues with the help of technology and marketing automation,” said Sinan Günal, Managing Partner of Labrys.

Labrys Consulting has been recognized as one of the 50  Innovative Companies of the Year 2021. “The value  proposition behind establishing Labrys was accepted by  many clientele as the clients want someone to design  and execute their business strategy single-handedly as most players in the market do only one part of it. Labrys  has already scripted success for its client by delivering over 50 projects in more than ten countries across three continents to not rely only on technology but provide strategic consultancy with a sound methodology. Labrys has proven its expertise and empowered numerous  clients across automotive, retail, finance, travel and airlines,higher education industries & e-commerce”  added Günal. 

“The way we built our footprints in this industry was the  solid outcomes and the success stories attained by the  customers. As technology is a big enabler on its own, it  can be implemented technically in a very right way. Still,at the end of the day, as a customer/brand, if they don’t  have a strategy & a dedicated team behind the  technology to utilize it, they lack a critical point. While  undergoing massive digital transformation efforts and  customer experience metamorphosis, Labrys helps you to deliver an integrated, frictionless and omnichannel customer experience with a diverse skill set,” added  Hakan. 

For delivering a better customer experience, Labrys  streamlines strategy and execution throughout the  customer lifecycle— from data, loyalty and analytics,  media and advertising, marketing automation and  content to conversion, and customer care and journey orchestration. Focused on marketing and business  requirements and gaps, the company employs a lean,  agile, and collaborative approach to ensure success with  its strategic services.  

Every entrepreneur faces challenges while establishing  their business. What Labrys came across were challenges for marketers, IT people, and the organization  as a whole. So, in terms of marketers, they were usually  very distant from technology and technology-related  products. So, they are reluctant to take responsibility in  this area. It requires hard work to create expectations on  their end as they are not sure what to expect from  technology as well. In another perspective, of course,  there are many legal approaches in this vast region, thus  many different archtectures and many different use  cases. So practically, Labrys tries to talk in business  language both in terms of technology and marketing and  solve the issues.  


Labrys promotes and supports its Modern Marketing 2.0  Framework to lay out an actionable roadmap for marketeers, where Modern Marketing approach requires  connecting all customer touchpoints, gaining behavioral  insights, understanding customers’ wants & needs, and thus create personalized communications. Hence, Labrys combines digital analytics, marketing automation,  adtech/martech, and customer experience to meet & fix  customer journey issues almost every day. Companies  who invest more in these platforms may benefit by  completely integrating them within their marketing  strategies. Moreover, Labrys’ uniqueness also stems from  its flexible delivery method, which introduced a business  model innovation for service delivery that includes  packaged, fixed scoped solutions for every service on the  roster.  

Today, marketing and digital transformation efforts are  inevitable and must be turned into growth drivers of the  company. Metrics should also be set to connect digital activities to these drivers. Customer experience and  marketing efforts shall go beyond communicating sales promotions or brand awareness only, but towards creating more qualified leads for sales teams and  generating more customer insight while providing  meaningful customer journeys to all designated  audiences. 

“Labrys does not provide an open-ended consultancy, so  the clients know what they are going to receive and  pay—right from the beginning. Clients also appreciate  our focus on maintaining the efficiency in the delivery,  outcome, and value they receive post-deployment of our  services,” added Hakan. The path that Labrys has  chosen helps marketers to transform their business in an  agile fashion. This is the era of customer experience and  marketing transformation because the consumers shall  be at the center stage, and the organizations are a little  bit behind in terms of disrupting their siloes. So, Labrys  will be leading in this area, and while creating all these  contents, the organizations will try to disseminate their  clients to the world.  

Labrys has launched the Modern Marketing 2.0  Framework, which is a new way of thinking for the next  decade for marketers to succeed in an ever-challenging  environment. The organization has also launched CX &  Digital Marketing Audit and will continue to design and  provide such services for the whole world. Labrys is also  working with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  platforms by which it helps clients deliver data insights  and activation with the help of preset algorithms.  

While the blend of MarTech, AdTech,CX technology and  operations expertise is a clear differentiator for the company, Labrys also takes pride in not limiting its  partnership to one technology vendor. As a business  strategist, technology implementation and consulting partner for many renowned companies and implementation partner for various AdTech and MarTech  platforms, Labrys specializes in various aspects of the ecosystem and equips its clients with vendor-neutral but business results focused end-to-end solutions. The future  is bright for Labrys, which has sustained rapid growth  over the last few years. The Istanbul & Dubai-based company plans to ramp up its efforts to expand its  services across all over Europe.  


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