With experience in the field of security software sales, Neil Hammerton, CEO & Co-Founder, Natterbox recognized the importance of listening to customer requirements. Thus Natterbox was established to disrupt the traditional way of thinking about the telephone and fix the issue of poorly dealing with incoming phone calls, which could make them lose potential customers and new businesses.

“Trust is one of our core values at Natterbox. It is paramount to our business – it has to be when global businesses (such as Groupon, Legal and General and Fruit of the Loom) are relying on us to manage their customer service – a vital component of their profitability and ability to maintain and build on their customer base,” says Neil. Despite its fast growth and innovation ambitions, Natterbox ensures that it only hires people who live and breathe its core values – especially trust.

“Natterbox aims to storm the telephony industry with innovation and provide its customers, old and new, with everevolving technology and solutions”

In this new digital world where our lives, both in and out of work, are increasingly ruled and regulated by technology, one of the biggest challenges for businesses is the rapid increase in customer expectations. There is a wealth of choice in most industries with traditional players and digital natives competing for market share. If these companies want to survive, they have to prioritize customer satisfaction and offer a premium customer service, which if they don’t, customers will be quick to shout about their bad experiences and ultimately turn it into a competition.

Natterbox believes that the key to meeting customer satisfaction expectations in the digital age lies with some more traditional technologies that are now often forgotten. The phone is the key tool in any organization’s arsenal when it comes to delivering exceptional customer service. And by pairing it with a cloud-telephony platform like Natterbox, clients can ensure their customer agents have a 360-degree view of their voice interactions, giving them the opportunity to offer a more personalized service than ever before.

It is more important than ever to demonstrate that every company knows its customer, and tailor their experience accordingly. As this can be extremely time-consuming if done manually, Natterbox is seeing a number of innovative use cases for AI, Machine Learning and Interactive Voice Response in customer service, demonstrating the way organizations communicate with brands has dramatically changed in recent years. Natterbox is integrating AI to further revolutionize its customer service by analyzing phone calls to determine their sentiment. This analysis can then be delivered to managers, allowing them to better train call agents and gather statistics on them, which will, in turn, improve and automate the process.

Groupon, now a global leader in local commerce, started working with Natterbox when it was still only very small in 2013. But after identifying significant business benefits, it decided to implement Natterbox into its offices across EMEA and Natterbox helped the company to grow and played a key role in the success Groupon now sees today. Groupon was going through a large global Salesforce migration and it needed a voice integration solution that would be easy to deploy throughout EMEA in a rapidly changing environment. The company was also endeavoring to increase customer-focused sales tools to improve its customer experience and had a fundamental requirement to generate business intelligence from call activity. With a rapidly increasing volume of business calls, it needed a solution that could populate call information into Salesforce. Using Natterbox, Groupon improved its telephony experience for all users, be it generating business intelligence from calls, improved reporting, greater levels of data integrity or increased employee productivity. To help meet the increased customer demand, the company has grown its employee base by 60 per cent since 2017 and in 2018 it opened an office in Chicago. Since then Natterbox has expanded the Natterbox US team by three-fold. The company now has offices in the USA, Australia and the UK and offers its services in more than 45 countries around the world!

In recent years, Natterbox has invested significantly in product innovation and as a result, it announced ‘Natterbox Freedom’ last year, which is a brand new interface with a host of new features, giving its customers the ability to work from anywhere, on whichever device they want. Natterbox aims to storm the telephony industry with innovation and provide its customers, old and new, with ever-evolving technology and solutions.


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