The success story of ehotel began with the simple idea of an independent online portal that would make it easier for business travellers to find reasonably priced hotel rooms as well as simplifying the associated booking procedures. Then, as it is now, the hotel market was fragmented because room seekers alone cannot get an overview that leads to the optimal booking result. Hotels spread their offers across different platforms and hold back contingents in order to be able to determine prices on their own sites. But especially when it comes to business trips, it is important to comply with the company’s internal guidelines and to find similar accommodation for all employees in terms of price, comfort, and facilities.

“ehotel has continually grown to become one of the most successful hotel booking platforms.“

With the service of establishing comparability of offers, ehotel is considered a pioneer of hotel booking platforms. But the company has never rested on its laurels. With its specially developed meta-technology, ehotel now offers a comprehensive search of all available rooms from all leading hotel room providers, tour operators, retailers, and hotel contingents. Because the service concept is firmly anchored in the structure of ehotel, the customer areas have also been steadily improved. Companies can now handle the entire planning and accounting process via the online portal – from individual bookings to conferences, from cost transfers to tax refunds, and from participant management to booking statistics.

“The fact that our customers place their trust in us is important to us, which is why we focus on fairness, transparency, and the best service”, says managing partner Fritz Zerweck, emphasising the high value of customer satisfaction. This is why ehotel will continue to invest in ideas for saving customers as much time and money as possible and keeping its own commissions low. “With us, 12% is set for every booking”, Zerweck explains his company’s clear pricing policy.

While business travellers are being put under increasing pressure to travel on a budget yet adhere to the sustainable philosophies of their companies, ehotel is paving the way for the future with individual solutions and optimised processes. “Of course, we are continuing to develop our technologies. But we haven’t lost sight of cooperation and personal customer care. It’s not about pure optimisation but rather about business travellers with needs and constraints”, says Zerweck, maintaining the core competence of ehotel. “With our ehotel Central Billing System, we are a part of the corporate accounting system”, says Zerweck, explaining how easily ehotel customers can benefit and reduce costs because internal work processes are also simplified.

ehotel has continually grown to become one of the most successful hotel booking platforms. And we will continue to optimise this in the future. “We also want to close the last system gaps for companies in travel booking in order to offer a complete digital cycle”, says Zerweck, making it clear that ehotel continues to set high goals for itself – even after the many awards it has received in recent years. ehotel takes the titles and prizes awarded by independent institutions and magazines such as Focus, Die Welt, WirtschaftsWoche, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verbraucherstudien, Stiftung Warentest, The CEO Views, and others as a sign that it is on the right track. No more, no less.


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