In Home Personal Services has stood alone when creating individualized care plans based on its client’s specific needs. The organization works primarily within independent living communities,allowing the clients to remain living independently and safely within their home longer. In Home Personal Services is fueled by strength, courage and determination to solve one of the biggest challenges of this century:maintaining seniors’ independence and having high-quality  in-home care. 

In Home Personal Services brings a unique approach to care giving one that takes the “senior” out of “senior care” and allows others to see amazing people who are beautiful in every way, no matter what age. The organization’s award-winning in-home care extends to Persona lCare, Respite Care,Companion Care,Post Discharge Care, Emergency Home Care , Live-In Care, Hygiene Care, Incontinence Care, Alzheimer’s Care,Parkinson’s Care, Arthritis Care, Overnight Care, and  more! 

“The Company works with a mission to provide quality care that is affordable and worry-free,which means quality care,not canned quality spouted in advertising,genuinely looking at what matters, and developing the ways needed to  deliver the care that  makes an impact in  someone’s life ”

Compassion is not all that unique;that is the basis for what the  organization does. “We would hope it would be common and that caring  for another be inherently natural. Unfortunately, it is not,but when you truly care about impacting others’ lives,and you always listen,it is a  natural result.We always look to improve on our ability to make positive changes in the lives of others,”said Michael Collura, President & CEO of In Home Personal Services.“It may  seem like “second nature” to us,that’s because our team  does have compassion,they do care, and that is why we  have been able to deliver the compassionate care that builds genuine relationships that have propelled our  brand forward for over a decade” added Collura. 

The organization has developed the mobile app  and software for the device as well,entirely  in-house from the ground up”

In Home Personal Services has been recognized as one of the 50 Innovative Companies to Watch. Like most businesses,the organization also faced its share of  obstacles,setbacks,and mistakes. The vision was set out  to deliver care to seniors that were as it should be; compassionate,affordable,and making a difference in their lives. “The pure joy we receive and satisfaction  knowing that what we do matters and what we provide is essential,that makes all the difference. It fuels the  innovation we are known for and made us one of the 50 Innovative Companies to Watch. We have innovated  programs and developed obstacles into opportunities and  taken a challenge and turned it into a unique resource,”added Collura. 

In Home Personal Services never set out to be a national company. The organization’s professionals never came to  work and wondered, “How about becoming a franchisor and expanding internationally? “These things happened organically as the organization set out to deliver best-in-class care to those in need. In Home Personal  Services established its brand as a quality provider and everything else is coming to its doorstep. The organization is not seeking the vertical climb,but this rocket launched a  long time ago,and there is no stopping the growth and potential of the brand today, tomorrow,or in the years to come. 

The company works with a mission to provide quality care that is affordable and worry-free, which means quality care,not canned quality spouted in advertising, genuinely looking at what matters and developing the ways needed  to deliver the care that makes an impact in someone’s life. It means ensuring that the business’s flexibility and policies are not in the way rather a part of the quality in the care the organization provides so the client can focus on  life and families and time together.  

In Home Personal Services wants its clients to live ‘family  life’, and let our team of care providers take care of  everything else.It acts as a service provider and not just one who is hired to perform tasks,but it also becomes a part of life and livelihood.This is a tremendous responsibility and privilege. “You ask how successful we have been in achieving this. Ask the literal tens of  thousands of seniors we have cared for and their families since 2004.I say that says successwell enough  for anyone to acknowledge. If we were not doing this right,you and I would not be speaking right now,”extols  Collura.  

While working with various clients,the organization faces different challenges.The organization honestly  assesses senior citizens’ needs on an ever-ongoing  basis to ensure that those individualized needs get  fulfilled. It is a common mistake that an agency does an initial assessment and thinks they have it all figured out.No one can predict life,mood,needs, and emotions for every day into the future.The organization figured this out a long time ago,making it an innovative and forward-thinking establishment. The basic understanding that the care the organization delivers  today is not necessarily the same tomorrow for each individual.  

In terms of technological advancements,In Home Personal Services has a partnership with a company that has developed a virtual reality experience for training caregivers. The organization developed its school for training along with that training program.It  adopted the technology and has a one-of-a-kind training experience for caregivers. In this program and through virtual reality,the organization immerses the caregivers literally into the role,and they experience what it is like to have Alzheimer’s disease. This brings about an eye-opening realization of the disease and how one lives with this horrible infliction.  

The organization has several new technologies to incorporate into its system in 2021 and beyond,including a medical device and software fighting  Parkinson’s disease. Early development has shown incredible results, and it is believed that the prototype model can go into mass production by 2022. The organization has developed the mobile app and software for the device as well,entirely in-house from the ground up. It is working to improve on the original designs further.  

In Home Personal Services is expanding the franchise system offering into 38 states. The organization has over 3,000 franchise inquiries overwhelming the sales team in just the past six months.There are 25 active FDD (disclosures) today, and several of its competitors are working towards converting to the brand and joining the organization in 2021. The organization is leading to  growth and delivering better care to those in need.


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