Information is the primary source of technological, economic, and social development in the so-called data-driven economy and information society. Cyberattacks or other unwanted events may disturb or damage the systems used for storing, processing, and harnessing data leaving severe effects on the operations of companies. It was a common trend that experts of ICT, information security, and privacy protection shall cooperate in reconciling these areas, recent technological and legal advancements, such as widespread use of AI and the application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) only speeds up this process.

“Kerubiel not only channels the necessary information for such protection but tries to shape the attitude of the people concerned, providing firm and long-term solutions”

Laszlo Gyorgy Dellei, CEO of Kerubiel, established the company in 2017 intending to merge expertise from ICT, IT, Information security, and data protection, to offer sophisticated, personalized, and rapid assistance to its clients, and to provide a small, but ambitious fora for experts willing to cooperate and to exchange, widen, and improve their knowledge and skills. In recent years, Kerubiel has managed to establish a vast clientele ranging from SMEs to big and multinational corporations. The company delivers its services to a variety of healthcare, insurance, financial, and other industries. In 2019, Kerubiel became a member of the Artificial Intelligence Coalition of Hungary, an organization to promote the research and application of AI in Hungary. Thus, in last December, Kerubiel hosted and organized a conference aiming to provide valuable insight concerning AI, information security, and data protection issues.

In rapidly changing markets, complex solutions are crucial for companies. The application of modern ICT infrastructures requires the cooperation of various fields of expertise; thus, their problems shall be solved similarly as well. On the lookout for a way to quickly solve the problem and providing a lasting solution to overcome the problem of complexity, Kerubiel delivers a wide range of services such as IT audits, information security counseling (e.g., IT risk assessment, IT security counseling), development of complex cybersecurity systems based on ITIL and AI-based applications, development of and advice concerning Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans.

The company assesses the information and data management framework of clients and defines measures; propose solutions to improve security and compliance of their products or activities by utilizing the most advanced high-level IT standards. Kerubiel offers state of the art solutions in the field of data protection with services such as GDPR counseling (e.g., data protection audits and advice), and outsourced activities (DPO or CISO services), ensuring that controllers are adequately protected against adverse events, such as information or a data breach, and comply with data protection and information management standards.

Human errors cause an estimated 75% of adverse events; a trained and prepared employee is the first line of defense. Yet, this crucial element of the secure operation of the company is often overlooked. Therefore, Kerubiel focusses on providing training and preparing employees to prevent and manage risks and incidents. Furthermore, Kerubiel not only channels the necessary information for such protection but tries to shape the attitudes of the people concerned, providing firm and long-term solutions.

One of the most significant advances in this industry is the use of different applications of AI. Artificial intelligence and related technologies have almost endless potentials that may be exploited for good or bad reasons. In recent years, the cost of incidents and other cyber-crimes has tripled according to Allianz Risk Barometer. On the other hand, when these technologies are explored, developed, and applied correctly, the level of protection of IT systems may be significantly raised. Kerubiel has realized the potential benefits of these technologies. To drive advances in these fields, the organization takes part in R&D, carrying out various VR and AI-related researches concerning the healthcare sector and security applications.

One of the most critical aspects of information and data security is the management of unwanted events, such as data breaches. Kerubiel has assisted its clients in taking all necessary measures to prevent and if required to manage such risks. In case of a data breach, these steps are crucial: to react rapidly, instead of denying threat; gathering experts that can contribute to the management of the data breach; and to examine the circumstances of the violation to manage it.

Kerubiel has launched projects aiming to utilize AI and VR based solutions, to simplify the labor-intensive process concerning cybersecurity due to a new AI-based solution that will analyze anomalies, detect the risk levels, and advise system security analysts on the retaliation course of action in case of a security incident and researching a virtual reality powered game to patients who have suffered a stroke to help them rehabilitate faster. Kerubiel is also developing a new IoT-based solution to aid the orthodontic market, simplifying life for both dentists and their patients.


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