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The world around us is evolving quickly, motivating people to adjust their lifestyles accordingly. Our ever-increasing reliance on technology has accelerated to unprecedented heights. As many companies attempt to address the rising demand for tech solutions, IES Communications continues to play a vital role in supporting the digital infrastructure.

IES Communications’ core business is to design, procure, install, test, and maintain cabling infrastructure systems to support IT functions, including voice/data communications, fiber optic systems, OSP, audio visual systems, PoE Lighting, security/access control systems, surveillance/CCT- V/CATV/MATV, fire and Wi-Fi/DAS Systems. Tom Emma, CPA, President of the organization, was with the CEOViews team to share details about the legacy of the business.

IES Communications is an engineering-led national information technology (IT) solution provider that offers consulting, design, and implementation services built on-premises or in the cloud.

Story of Inception

Sixty years ago, a group of small, community-based electrical contractors planted the roots of IES. They rapidly expanded their capabilities, geographies, and ambitions growing into IES Holdings, Inc. in 1997. Today, they’re an ESG (environmental, social, and governance)-guided electrical, communications, and infrastructure solutions provider with over $2.1 billion in revenue.

In 2019, the IES Communications Division, a subsidiary of IES Holdings, Inc., became IES Communications, LLC. With the full support of their parent company, IES Holdings, Inc., these improvements allowed the IES Communications name to stand independently and better embody their organization and its vision.

Today, IES Communications provides turnkey low-voltage design and installation services nationally. Over the last 39 years, they have expanded service offerings, invested in industry-leading employee training, established a national footprint, and gained extensive project experience and industry knowledge. What drove them in 1984 is what drives them now; their passion for providing customers with cutting-edge solutions that support their businesses.


IES Communications has established deep roots in the industry. Speaking about this journey, Tom Emma said, “Our appetite for data has become insatiable, and even looking at a post-pandemic world, it will only continue to grow. This past year our team has been dedicated to hiring and training qualified employees, utilizing strategic partnerships to procure material, expanding our geographical reach, and continuously improving internal estimating and project management processes to consistently execute quality work within our customer’s timeline and budget.”

For folks at IES Communications, the negative impacts of COVID-19 have been supply chain delays and material and labor shortages. As a low voltage integrator playing a crucial role in the background, they had to ask themselves, how do they continue to empower the interconnected world without skipping a beat? They continue to adapt and innovate.

Approach and Techniques

When serving their customers, any business needs the right team to get the job done. For this to come to fruition, having the right tools and approaches is vital. IES Communications utilizes a proprietary estimating, project and service management, and costing platform that is a complete and detailed system to monitor and manage quality and consistency throughout the entire lifespan of every project. With customer satisfaction as a top priority, this system is flexible and easily customizable to ensure each customer’s unique needs are met.

IES Communications also utilizes customizable apps for both Safety and QA management, allowing them to track real-time from the field and provide access to the customer to see precisely if any issues arise, track them to resolution and see trending/metrics as required.

Staffing Strategy

Employees play a crucial role in the success of any organization. Quality work comes from qualified staff. A phrase that can be heard often from the IES Communications team is “Training never stops.” Every employee receives core training for their position and has access to additional courses to enhance their growth as an individual. Because much of their workforce is comprised of field teams, they offer several technical courses and certifications to make the field stronger and more confident in their onsite skills. With seven BICSI Authorized Training Facilities (ATFs), Manufacturer-Specific Training, Technical, Safety, Quality, and “Soft Skills” Training such as Customer Service Training, IES Communications employees are given the tools to build a fulfilling career with opportunities for growth, development, and a clear path to achieve their professional and personal goals.

By providing a work environment that fosters collaboration, promotes learning, and nurtures a strong company culture, IES Communications can staff every project with talented employees committed to carrying out the customer’s vision.

Highest Level Quality

IES Communications is an engineering-led national information technology (IT) solution provider that offers consulting, design, and implementation services built on-premises or in the cloud. Their engi- neering-led approach is to understand customers’ business needs, design, test, and perfect IT solutions that solve those needs while deploying them on time and within budget. The team believes in the power and benefit of information technology (IT). This passion pushes IES Communications to continuously create innovations to help customers achieve their most vital business goals.

Future Trends

Businesses across industries are adapting to new and upcoming technologies. Speaking about what they expect to be the future tech, Mr. Emma said, “Innovations in Artificial intelligence (AI) have been a topic of interest for decades. Recently, it’s become a priority for major players in the technology space. We anticipate it playing a crucial role in Smart Buildings and Cities.

Another technology utilized in Smart Buildings in new ways is Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Lighting. IES Communications has experience with both design and installation of PoE Lighting solutions. When implemented in the appropriate project, PoE Lighting provides environmental benefits and saves the customer on both capital expenditures and operating costs simultaneously.”

IES Communications strives to be at the forefront of new technology. They stay informed and educated and ensure all their employees receive proper training regarding innovations and new processes. By constantly allowing change and evolution within the company, they can implement the ever-evolving technology required by the customers to run their businesses effortlessly. No matter how complex the project is, they always have a straightforward goal: to support customers on their journey to lasting success.


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