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In the current global scenario, organizations face challenges from every front. The most significant challenge that organizations are facing today is change management. Change in technology, human behaviour, the global economic situation, and many more. Organizations are continuously adapting to the aforementioned changes.

“Because companies going through transformation processes are in need of experienced mentors who communicate openly and honestly.”

However, organizations today often cannot handle change efficiently due to the resistance from it’s employees, fear of failing in a new environment, etc. While most understand that change is required, others lack expert professionals to lead the organization in that direction. This is where IT and management consulting companies come into the picture, helping companies manage change in the market. Fusion Consulting AG is one such organization helping organizations of different scales achieve their goals.

Internally, they see themselves as a family an international community of experts in which everyone can develop their talents and personalities.

“Because companies going through transformation processes are in need of experienced mentors who communicate openly and honestly.”

René Marcel Schretzmann, CEO and Managing Partner of Fusion Consulting AG, was with CEOViews team to share their entrepreneurial journey.

The story of Inception

Fusion Consulting has seen a meteoric rise in its operations. Speaking about why they started this, Schretzmann said, “We as Founders of Fusion Consulting have a long track record of working at global consulting companies. We recognized that end-to-end client focus and core delivery quality is still often missing. Moreover, we wanted our experience in the Start-up community to bring in a more agile and entrepreneurial way of working into the consulting scene. So we decided to establish Fusion Consulting and lead in our mindset and way of working, globally in the life science industry”.

Company culture

Considering its growth story and the change it is bringing to the industry, Fusion Consulting is recognized as one of the best companies of the year 2022. Commenting on this, Schretzmann said, “It sounds easy, but our goal was focusing on core points.” From day one, their priority has been to serve the customers in the industry in which they have a good command. They have been keeping their eyes on client needs, employee satisfaction, and a diverse global team that is acting without any country barriers serving their customers 24*7.

In addition to this, Fusion Consulting follows a flat hierarchy structure at the organizational level. This lets them make fast decisions and react quickly to the changes in the market. Also, they make sure that all their partners are mandatorily utilized in the client’s projects. This ensures that clients get the advantage of partners’ experience, and at the same time, the team also gets to see how partners make decisions during critical hours.

Delivering results

In consulting, keeping the clients happy is very critical to the business. To be able to do this, they have a very experienced team and are able to deliver global end-to-end programs. They have low attrition in comparison to the industry standard, and most of their team has been working at Fusion Consulting since the beginning of the company. With this, they were able to build a long-lasting bond with their clients, understand their problems and offer the best possible solutions.

Fusion Consulting cautiously analyses, if the client’s fit their area of expertise or not. They always prefer to provide the best solution, and whenever in doubt, they refer clients to other partner companies. Since the beginning of their operations, they have delivered all projects within the stipulated time, budget, and expected quality.

Focus on technology

The requirement for various tech stacks has been at its highest. Cloud solutions and artificial intelligence are the two major technologies that most of their clients need help with. At Fusion Consulting, they are not just deploying but working hand in hand with clients, universities, and other partners in order to develop new solutions for individual challenges. The technologies they are implementing at the client’s location include S/4HANA and the Landscape around MDM/MDG, Cloud Solutions, and AI.

Fusion Consulting, as a company, has a lean structure. It still has the start-up mentality where every employee feels and gets to work as an entrepreneur themselves. Their teams are agile and can align to the changing markets at light speed. Their focus on clients’ problems and providing a tailor-made solution for them has been their X-factor.

Internally, they see themselves as a family an international community of experts in which everyone can develop their talents and personalities. They have cultivated an open culture and actively share knowledge with clients and colleagues. Their multifaceted community plays an essential role alongside the professional experience. Working together globally enriches synergies for all parties for Fusion Consulting.

Changing hearts and minds can be more of an art than a science, but using the right tools and guidance to implement your change process can make it a little easier. Fusion Consulting aims to help companies bring and manage change in an effective way and ensure that processes are set properly and everything runs smoothly.

Fusion Consulting


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