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The digital era is upon us, and businesses of all shapes and sizes are embracing technology as a means of transformation. As a result, we’re seeing an exponential leap in demand for software solutions that can transform and streamline business processes.

The digital-first mindset has created a new generation of software solutions. This is great news for businesses, but it also means that it’s becoming more difficult than ever before to stand out from the crowd. However, IT2B Tecnologia has been offering top-notch tech solutions for a wide range of businesses for a long time now and has established itself as one of the top T.I companies in Brazil.

Carlos Motti, CEO of IT2B Tecnologia, was with the CEO Views team to share their experience in transforming businesses and making them future-ready.


IT2B – Tecnologia has been in the market for more than 20 years and has always had an innovation profile. Its evolution was natural and consistent through a very clear long-term strategy where the management always had in mind to position themselves as an integrator to bring value to the client’s businesses and use all their accumulated experience in technology to create and develop new business models.

Speaking about the firm’s journey all these years, Motti said, “It was a journey of many investments, with mistakes and successes. Always keeping focus and determination and mainly measuring the results to adjust, correct, improve, and evolve. We always seek to have a clear strategy for the entire team of professionals, looking at the team’s engagement in this journey. “

Solutions offered

IT2B Tecnologia works with the world’s largest technology manufacturers and offers their services to various business verticals. They are always at the forefront of what’s new and IT2B is now named one of the top 100 T.I companies in Brazil. This is a testament to the quality of their service and the commitment they provide to their clients.

better. This has happened several times as the ERP platform for the SMB market, the adoption of cloud computing, SAAS, XaaS, business intelligence technologies, platforms for process improvement, hyper-automation, Blockchain, artificial intelligence, thus creating solutions for the areas of health, education, cities, security, among others…

They use software and hardware platforms from major global manufacturers to compose their solutions, integrating hardware, software, and services to design innovative solutions for their customers. Businesses worldwide are hopping on the bandwagon of advanced technologies, and IT2B Tecnologia hasn’t fallen behind here. They always combine Cloud, Hyperautomation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, RPA, IoT, Information Security, Big Data, and Analytics technologies, seeking to optimize internal operations and transform their customers’ work environments.

Facing challenges

Challenges are a part of building any business. Particularly in the technology sector, where there is an update coming every week, it becomes hard for the companies to keep up with the phase. IT2B Tecnologia, too, faced various challenges in its journey, and with the combined effort and experience of the people, they were able to overcome them. In essence, the correct understanding of the problem and/or the objective to be achieved, working together with the client, and not putting themselves in a position to know more about their business than they do. Motti thinks that methods and techniques are basic and important but that the key to success is to respect everyone’s knowledge.

IT2B operates in 3 different business lines, helping its customers integrate technological advancements. All these lines of business have technology as the basis of their offerings, so one line uses the capacity and knowledge of the other in a natural way, working in an integrated way, a constructive and non-competitive philosophy. They have specialists and consultants by business line due to the need for high specialization. They also have the philosophy of acting in an integrated and constructive way where each one has its value, and this is highlighted in several ways.

Company culture

IT2B Tecnologia has Over 1,500 employees. Managing such a large workforce is generally a tricky task. But IT2B never had any problems in its operation due to its large workforce. Motti believes that clear, objective and constant communication is essential. But they are also supported by the team leaders, who keep the team engaged and aware of their responsibilities, challenges, and objectives. They also use automation tools and methods to make sure that services are done the same way every time.

They adopt the philosophy of using the tools internally to create what they sell and deliver to their customers. With this, they also have a technology company that uses its knowledge in its favor. It seems normal, but people often don’t find it on the market.

The future of the industry

In a fast-moving world where technological trends are changing at the speed of light, nothing seems to be evident. Speaking about what they are expecting in the future, Motti said, “We are already living with some hyper-automation, Cloud Computing, 5G, and artificial intelligence technologies that are providing several advances in people’s lives and businesses. We believe that all this associated with better and different devices will bring more advances. Therefore, we believe that the mass adoption of these technologies associated with others will be a great opportunity.”

IT2B is now named one of the top 100 T.I companies in Brazil. This is a testament to the quality of their service and the commitment they provide to their clients. Motti said, “Believing is fundamental and from this creates strategies, having consistent actions and an engaged team to achieve the goals. We understand and believe that it is always possible to do better.”


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