Global narrative on the source of energy production has been changing, and it has found a pace very recently. The adoption of green technology is at its peak, and companies across all kinds of industries are trying to have this adapted in their industry. Unlike the old times, people now are more conscious about sustainable brands and prefer them over any others.

The global cleaning product market was earlier dominated by harmful chemicals and other practices, which often got people allergic reactions. To solve this issue with the use of chemicals and people getting affected while in use, E V International Ltd. is introducing a range of cleaning products which are powered by sustainable energy. Their products are now being used by both domestic consumers and industries.

Stanley Kolev, CEO of E V International Ltd., was with the CEOViews team briefing on the company’s start, what it’s doing now and where it is heading.


Stanley Kolev and Massimiliano Menichini met for the first time In October 2012 in Milan, Italy. Both had a common dream and shared to each other. Their dream was to create the biggest international direct sales company for dry steam cleaners. The plan was made after hours of brainstorming discussion on the first day they met. Stanley Kolev had a great experience in active sales and marketing and Massimiliano Menichini in producing steam cleaners. In the following months, they combined years of experience in the production of high-quality products, direct marketing, sales and established a new company, E V International Ltd.

They both created a unique design for the EV 3000i. They chose the components that will be inside the unit. A professional dry steam cleaner is used to satisfy the requirements of all end-users in both the commercial and domestic sectors. In February 2013, the new company E V International Ltd. was created in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Only a few months later, it was already clear that E V International Ltd. was a successfully implemented project that enjoys rapid popularity and stunning results. The company started its first sales in Sofia, Bulgaria. The results and feedback from the customers were unbelievable. Soon after that, another representative office was opened in Kazakhstan. In the years after, there was a process of steady growth that no one could have imagined, even in their wildest dreams.


Their major plan was to conquer the market within a short time and begin to expand their products in the market, and satisfy the needs of all different types of clients. By adding EV ATLANTIS, EV POSEIDON and EV ATLAS, they are now able to cater not only to domestic but also commercial and industrial clients.

They have certified biological detergent EV H202 Silver Bio and Sanix – Thermo fogging systems, which are able to contribute solutions that help the world mitigate the risks of the Covid-19 virus. The combination of EV H202 Silver Bio and Sanix system can remove the coronavirus from surfaces in only 30 seconds with a 100% success rate.

Problems that they are addressing

Nowadays, people are looking for cost-effective, eco-friendly cleaning solutions. E V International Ltd. is providing satisfying service to their customers and clients. Cleaning with EV is a completely natural and environmentally friendly method of deep cleaning. Extremely suitable for use around newborns, people with allergies, and health problems. It removes stubborn dirt in seconds, effortlessly, leaving completely clean and sanitized surfaces. Gradually they have increased their potential towards the challenges with their skills and reduced the chemical footprint by 95%.

Sustainable approach

The EV ATLANTIS has provided one solution for all the problems like the combination of power and easy handling. Its elegant and sophisticated body makes it the standard for the modern steam generator. Made of the highest quality of stainless steel, the EV steam generators are the perfect solution for all problems connected with cleanliness. They are using materials that support the circular economy and prioritize durability, reuse, and recycling.

With the steam cleaners EV ATLANTIS, EV POSEIDON, and EV ATLAS, they implement sustainable solutions for cleaning purposes in homes, businesses, and industry. 80% of their units are made from recyclable materials like stainless steel, steel, copper, brass. All these materials are 100% recyclable. This way, the company can help in a way for a solution to climate change, reducing the carbon emissions and economic challenges, regenerating natural systems, and improving the environment.

Their major plan was to conquer the market within a short time and begin to expand their products in the market, and satisfy the needs of all different types of clients.


Their domestic model, EV ATLANTIS, is an innovative eco-cleaning system. The technology allows the cleaning and sanitizing of all kinds of surfaces, using only tap water. It transforms it into pure, high-quality dry steam, which removes contaminants and stubborn dirt fast and easy, without physical effort, scrubbing and damaging the surfaces.

The BlueSteam penetrates deep into the cracks where cleaning chemicals cannot reach, kills microorganisms and bacteria by thermal shock, and leaves every surface dry in seconds. Everything is made possible, thanks to the combination of low humidity in the steam 3% to 5%, high pressure 7 Bar / 101 Psi and temperature 170°C to 200°C / 340°F to 392°F.

Created for the business clients, EV POSEIDON is able to sanitize without the need for any chemicals. The unit does not leave any irritating odours, and it is ideal for professional use in high-traffic areas. Thanks to the various professional attachments and accessories, EV POSEIDON can clean every room and every surface right down to the smallest detail.


They have a vision, one day, to change the future and standards of cleaning. E V International Ltd. has expanded its activities in more than 30 countries across the world in the last 9 years. The company is growing, and in the next ten years, it aims to become a well-known brand in the active sales industry and a top-of-mind steam cleaning generators manufacturer. They want to expand their business in more than 50 countries around the world.

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