Retail Magazines

Retailing is a crucial commercial activity, providing customers with an opportunity to buy goods and services from different merchants. Retail is the process of selling consumer products or services to clients to make a profit across various distribution channels. Retail is how goods and services producers bring their products to the market. Retailers also purchase their products directly from the supplier. That is when a product becomes a finished commodity. The primary provider of news, information, and business intelligence in the retail sector are Retail Magazines and Blogs. Magazines exclusively cover the news and events of retail companies in this arena.

Here’s a list of Retail Magazines and Blogs to Follow:

  1. Vend Retail Blog – The Latest Retail Technology, Trends & News

Vend Retail Blog offers retail tips, product updates, videos, guides, insights, tools, industry trends, and customer success stories.

  1. RetailWire Retail News and Analysis

RetailWire is specific research and discussion platform for online news, which was founded in February 2002. Its goal is to help retail industry professionals succeed at their work and provide the supporters with tangible value.

  1. Retail Customer Experience

Retail customer experience is committed to helping retailers distinguish not just on price but service. It offers the information that today’s retail industry is radically different from any other time in its history.

  1. Talking Retail

Talking Retail provides all the latest news, opinion, and analysis within the grocery retail industry for independent retailers & convenience stores. One can find the latest grocery retail industry news from supermarkets, small retailers, convenience stores, grocery stores & food producers.

  1. Retail Minded

For independent retail owners and other small business owners, Retail Minded is a trusted resource. Retail Minded aims to help retailers with their individual, unique retail journeys by providing timely and relevant news and support specific to independent merchants.

  1. Hardware Retailing

Hardware retailing magazine is the leading trade journal for the hardware and home improvement industry. The retail magazine covers hard-hitting problems faced by many retailers in the industry.

  1. Retail World Magazine

Retail World focuses on the development of the retail industry. This retail magazine aims to provide opportunities, trends, and problems affecting supermarket owners, managers, employees, and suppliers with trustworthy, informative, and timely coverage.

  1. Forrester – Retail

The retail category of the Forrester blog is a goldmine of useful information and trends. It never hurts to get a glimpse at some of the market and technological developments that influence and form the way customers behave in a smaller store, albeit much higher-level and aimed at larger retail chains.

  1. Retail Design World

Retail Design World is an online retail magazine covering all facets of the international retail design industry. It brings together news, conversations, and an analytical view of retail design strategies, trends, and innovations.

  1. Retail Dive

Retail Dive offers news and analysis for retail executives. It covers retail technology, marketing, e-commerce, logistics, in-store events, retail industry news, and more.


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