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Understanding the mindset of consumers has been one of the greatest tasks for researchers. It keeps evolving as the generations come and go. In the last few years, there has been a radical shift in how consumers made their purchases. Thanks to technology, now they are more aware of the options available to them.

Owing to this trend, now brands can’t go with the age-old technique of showing the same ad to the masses and expecting results. As the customers evolved, marketing has also kept its pace with them. From being a practice in the past, Marketing has evolved as an Art, Science, and Engineering in itself.

Technology has helped it to progress even more by offering trends, customer insights, analytics, and predictive modeling. However, it is not possible for all the organizations to take up marketing in this direction and this is where companies like Growth Turbine come into the picture, to offer their expertise and help brands reach the right customer.

Growth Turbine is an Equity Crowdfunding and Growth Marketing agency that helps brands build the right customer profile, target them and create opportunities. To share more insights on their business, we had Varun Sharma, Co-Founder and Strategic Director of Growth Turbine with us. Governed by his unmatched business acumen and a relentless passion for delivering results for projects he believes in, today Growth Turbine is gaining accolades for its sure-fire equity crowdfunding and growth marketing campaigns. Varun’s proven yet out-of-the-box thinking has helped multiple clients across the globe create six, seven, and even eight-figure product launches.

The inception of Growth Turbine

Growth turbine was established in 2016 with the idea to apply an engineering approach to marketing. In simple words, marketing has always focused on two important objectives; discovering customers’ needswf & desires, and then, using that insight to deliver what customers wanted to buy. Today, every pic that we see on Instagram, every pause we make scrolling down the feed, every video we watch, every place we visit, etc., is recorded and stored. So, the idea was to leverage this data and deliver better results for their clients. Presently they apply the same principles to not only marketing but also to branding, web development, crowdfunding, and pretty much everything that they do.

In a short span of time, the company turned heads for its innovative and expansive solutions suite backed by the latest technology tools. In the current situation, a sit-back-and-relax kind of approach to marketing doesn’t quite work. A successful product launch or marketing campaign entails precision-targeted advertising, highly persuasive email marketing, building up brand loyalists, product-market-fit analysis, brand positioning, and a host of other data-driven strategies. It is not possible to really nail down these things unless one has data on their side. This is the area that Growth Turbine specializes in and the company was built and developed.

Technological trends

Digital marketing is a dynamic industry and everyone must either adapt to the new marketing trends at lightning-fast speed or lose out to the competition. If anyone is looking for hyper-growth strategies in today’s world, they need a Growth Turbine. They believe in transforming a promising vision into reality, spurring communication that turns heads, and elevating brand presence to a whole new level. Their expertise lies in a range of industries including Blockchain, NFTs, SaaS, App launches, Travel, EdTech, Healthcare, and more.

They have a strong belief and are confident that the future of the internet is in Metaverse. They are focused on opening portals to digital spaces for their partners by providing a seamless pipeline for digital twin generation and enhanced content production systems, resulting in a presence in the different virtual online. More specifically, they are in the process of assisting companies to create and operate their new virtual spaces where they can extend their brand presence, offering, and creativity, maximizing engagement with their clients and employees while reinventing their business verticals. They believe that these areas will get even bigger and more exciting in the coming years and Growth Turbine is ready to take the market by storm.

Innovation within Growth Turbine

Growth turbine has built a team of passionate marketers with years of industry experience that are the driving force behind the company’s appetite for innovation and constant growth. To be a truly innovation-driven company, an organization must seize new opportunities and master new processes, and Growth Turbine lives by this mantra.

For the maximum benefit of their clients and to stay on top of data-driven innovation, Growth Turbine has devised the Market Validation Test (MVT). The test leverages advanced data analysis to understand if there is a market for a particular product, service, or app, the go-to-market strategy, the optimum pricing strategy, and more. MVT empowers clients to make data-backed decisions and validate the feasibility of a business idea before its launch. This not only helps entrepreneurs and executives save valuable time and money but also ensures every marketing move is a success.

Growth Turbine is an Equity Crowdfunding and Growth Hacker Marketing Agency that applies a mathematical and data-based approach to marketing.

They believe that AI-based marketing automation tools will reimagine digital marketing. At Growth Turbine, they use AI-driven tools in equity crowdfunding to gain actionable insights into how much capital a campaign is likely to raise. AI helps them eliminate the guesswork and design precise marketing strategies that improve ROI. Their marketing funnel is also designed using AI and machine learning solutions. Data-backed insights not only help them to improve advertising performance for revenue growth but ensure their campaigns are optimized for the highest level of sales and conversions.


Growth Turbine already has a strong digital footprint with clients placed across the world. Their clientele spans six continents and multiple time zones. Primarily based out of Canada, they are not planning any physical expansions in the short term. They are truly a global company and a client’s location means little to them. What they care about are brilliant ideas and ensuring the world is as excited about it as they are.


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