In the last few decades, technology has always aimed to improve the quality of life but inevitably has sometimes destroyed nature in the process of advancement.The vertical field technology is doing the opposite; our goal is to revive nature by using technology.

Vertical Field was established in 2006, motivated by the ambition to bring nature into the urban lifestyle.

Over time, the company realized that there is more than just aesthetic to living walls and that nature can contribute in many intangible ways.

“We understood people’s need to surround themselves with a green and healthy environment,  and that’s when we led to collaborating with  Bar-Ilan University and the University of Nanjing in China on a study sponsored by the National  Science  Foundation,”  says  Guy Elitzur, CEO, Vertical Field.

The study aims to monitor the environmental, health and the direct and indirect economic benefits of living walls on the environment urban such as local climate, temperature, radiation, humidity, wind, and carbon and water fluxes. Now, the vertical field is involved in urban planning, building preservation, construction, and interiors as well as the vertical urban food supply.

Verticle field aims to lead the transformation of the urban ecosystem by integrating natural values and improving the quality of city life. One of the main solutions that the company is focusing on is a vertical,soil-based system for urban farming in any indoor or outdoor space. The portable urban farm can be located on the roofs of buildings, in recycled shipping containers and more to offer fresh, healthy, organic and free of pesticide garden, curated for every specific space. The system allows maximum yield from a small area. Its fast plant growth cycle provides a frequent and regular supply of agricultural produce year-long for urban environments and smart cities.

The company’s primary objective is to give supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals or any other institution, the tools to grow their own produce and to provide it onsite. Most supermarkets struggle with the high costs of the supply chain and longer growing cycles dependent upon unpredictable weather conditions. With Vertical Field’s solution, organizations need not worry about the weather or external conditions. They can get a consistent in-house supply and reduce and monitor their inventory waste.

Vertical field aims to lead the transformation of the urban ecosystem by integriting and improving the quality of city life.

“The real challenge is to show corporations the economic and the health benefits so that they get motivated to change the way they are operating,” adds Guy.

Most indoor urban farms use hydroponic growing systems and Vertical Field is the only company that developed a unique soil-based vertical growing platform, revolutionizing the concept of planting. The idea of using a soil-based solution supports Vertical Field’s values of keeping plants in their original environment and utilizing natural values in people’s life. The vertical agriculture platform has an irrigated system that distributes air equally for perfect growing conditions, including climate control and an independently operated lighting system that simulates sunlight and optimizes the photosynthesis process.

Vertical Field’s intuitive app helps its users to control and monitor all the plant vital signs while the smart algorithms and sensors take care of the rest. The vertical portable farm is built in a recycled shipping container, can be located anywhere and is capable of growing and distributing more than 200 different crops. The vertical farm can be located near a supermarket store, in the parking lot of a restaurant, or on the roof of a hotel. The produce is fresh, healthy, pesticide-free, and super tasty. The vertical farm uses 90 percent less water than conventional agricultural methods and consumes less electricity than any other vertical farming solution on the market.

One of Vertical Field’s projects was to build a vertical farm located on the rooftop of a building for usage by a famous restaurant in Tel Aviv located within the building. The farm provides constant and fresh produce to the restaurant on a rotating basis given that the concept of the restaurant is to have a new chef every six months with menus that are also changing. In addition, it is important that the roof is maintained for visitors to experience not only fresh food but also its beauty.

With a goal to penetrate the global market, Vertical Field has started focusing on the US market and is about to launch its new agriculture CEA (Closed Environmental Agriculture) platform this year. The company is also planning to offer a completely new business model in which they will not have distribution costs and will allow its clients to create a unique shopping experience for their customers who can walk up to the vertical wall and pick off the herbs ready to eat and at the same time create a greener and healthier environment.

Vertical Field is all about making our cities, buildings, food and our urban life greener, healthier and prettier, emphasizing nature’s value in our lives.


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