Having the resources to meet all the needs of our existence on earth can be challenging.  However, when we are sick, stressed out, unhappy and exhausted this becomes even more challenging. Ultimately avoiding illness is not good enough. We need to appreciate that possibility and learn to focus on creating a life of wellness where we feel balanced, happy and full of life and optimism.

A Wellness Revolution is passionate about training the students.

The year 2020 is significant as it marks a shift for the next decade of tremendous technological changes.

It is becoming evident that as a society, we are challenged to adapt, both personally and in our communities. Chronic diseases are on the rise as well as health care expenses. Healthcare workers are also stressed and are having trouble managing their workloads and many are suffering a Burn-Out.

Thus, A Wellness Revolution was created to bring new information and understanding to help this transition. A Wellness Revolution is an educational company, committed to training Health and Wellness Coaches. These certified Health and Wellness Coaches become leaders who can help people coach more holistically. The students are taught the significance of the cellular level, focusing on body, mind, and spirit so they can bring to their clients a much deeper, more robust definition of self-care. The company exposes them to the newly evolving and developing Sciences of Epigenetics, Neuroscience, and Glycoscience, giving a more Holistic Vision of what Wellness means.

Its innovation lies in the fact that we look to science for a better and more complete understanding of Health and Wellness.

The company believes that students from any background, be it therapist, practitioner, nurse, business or lifestyle coach, parents and people who are interested in living a more conscious health-driven life can influence their path and future self by consciously living their lives. A Health Coach can help someone by coaching their clients to reprogram the subconscious mind to effect real change in their life. Health Coaches often help clients change behaviors so that they can support them with Lifestyle changes related to eating habits, exercise routines, stress reduction practices and often taking a closer look at areas in their life that are unsatisfactory.

The company’s coaching course is online and its students are from all over the world, from Hawaii to Australia, on almost all continents. Its 6 months course runs twice a year accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation) and upon completion of this course, students will earn 63 hours for ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH). Its uniqueness is the personal attention the company gives to its students as it offers a continuing education program. A Wellness Revolution has started a YouTube channel to help people learn about Holistic Health and Wellness, which discusses the topic of Health and Wellness and interviews someone in the field monthly.

“We want to look at what the science of Epigenetics is teaching us. The science is showing us that our Lifestyle choices matter and that we are more powerful than we ever realized,” adds Cathleen.

A Wellness Revolution is passionate about training the students to help their clients adapt to change and to find balance and true wellness on all levels within themselves We are committed to creating a ripple effect in our communities as we help people realize their potentiality and opportunity to influence their future in a new way in this new time.


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