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Modern players in the telecommunications industry produce communication equipment and provide a range of voice, data, and broadband services using the cable, network, server, computer, and satellite wireline or wired infrastructure. Telecommunication is the transfer of data to communicate over significant distances. Telecom magazines provide objective and comprehensive coverage of operator and carrier strategies internationally and provide in-depth analysis and introduction of leading-edge technologies.

The CEO Views aims to provide the perfect platform for entrepreneurs to connect with their industry peers. The passion and thirst for knowledge in business and technology have been the dominant reason why The CEO Views have emerged as a leader in its field. The upcoming editions of The CEO Views will cover news on telecoms, healthcare, banking, and finance sectors.

Listed below are few telecom magazines to know about the happenings in the telecom sector

  1. com

For the latest news, in-depth analysis, interviews with senior industry leaders, and informative business intelligence, is where the telecoms industry goes first.

  1. Telecompaper Headlines

This telecom magazine provides telecom industry business knowledge and a detailed review of telecom-related articles, plus in-depth market commentary and studies. Its information is used by national and foreign companies, organizations, and government agencies to make decisions at all company levels and help shape their policies.

  1. RCR Wireless News

RCR Global Wireless News offers mobile network operator news updates to readers.

  1. Reddit | Telecommunications central

Reddit offers all telecom-related stuff-wired and wireless, consisting of news, science, theory, ideas, ventures, industry, forecasts, analysis, disputes, controversy, etc.

  1. TeleGeography Blog

Telegeography is a consulting and market analysis company that offers numerous online reports. International networks, undersea cables, service providers, and wholesale circuit pricing are among the research areas.

  1. RingCentral UK Blog

For organizations of all sizes, RingCentral provides cloud communications solutions. It offers information to keep up with VoIP news and tips and the latest developments in cloud communication.

  1. SearchTeleCom

This telecom magazine offers news, research, and technical advice concerning the telecommunications sector and its most relevant technologies. Core and access networks, telecom market problems, telecom network activity, wireless, and mobile carrier networks are the topics covered by SearchTeleCom.

  1. Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s largest telecommunications firms, with a large workforce of over 220,000 workers worldwide.

  1. ITU Telecom World

The global platform for high-level discussion, networking, innovation-showcasing, and knowledge-sharing across the ICT community is ITU Telecom World 2017. ITU’s goal is to encourage telecommunications growth and sustained development.

  1. Fierce Telecom

FierceTelecom covers the latest news on the telecommunications industry’s future, backhaul, ethernet, IPTV, and other developments.

  1. Field Engineer

Field Engineer is an online marketplace that links companies with Telecom Engineers who have the expertise and accessibility to complete their jobs.

  1. Total Telecom

Total Telecom provides global telecommunications and ICT professionals with news and analysis, wireless and wireline, information, services, and infrastructure. It is the leading communications link between end-users and telecommunications technology and services providers, carriers, and resellers.

  1. Global Telecoms Business

Global Telecoms Business is the leading source of information for senior executives globally operating telecoms carriers. It offers a strategic perspective on the issues that most concern the industry for business people who manage service providers.

  1. 2600Hz Blog

The 2600Hz Blog develops scalable VoIP applications for carriers, ITSPs, and cloud solution providers of the next generation. 2600Hz is the leading supplier of mobile and cloud communications applications, allowing consumers to take full control and ownership of telecoms.

  1. CircleID | Telecom

CircleID is a collaborative website for news and opinion, where professionals come to communicate, educate, and be informed about the latest Internet-shaping developments. It is one of the best telecom magazines for the professionals of the telecommunications industry.

  1. Telecom Ramblings

Telecom Ramblings is dedicated to reporting, commentary, and review for the telecoms and internet infrastructure industries. Telecom Ramblings’ goal is to spread the word from an unbiased perspective about the next generation of telecommunications infrastructure.

  1. Bicom Systems Blog

By unifying the most innovative of the latest technology, Bicom Systems has deployed versatile, secure, and scalable Next Generation Communication Systems to SMBs, companies, and governments worldwide.


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