Construction Industry

Changing expectations and after an unstable period of adjusting forecast, the year 2022 is a year of re-emergence and development in the construction industry. The persistence of rising construction costs and lack of labour is challenging the industry to come up with new ideas, while the reduced margin for mistakes and waste is controlled by stricter regulations. The construction trends will add a lot of value to the industry’s more competitive nature along with market shifts for any construction firm.

Let’s now discuss the important industry trends for 2022 which add a lot to this firm for staying competitive.

Protective equipment

As we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic has almost affected all industry guidelines and protocols of the workplace, similarly, the construction industry has also been drastically affected by the pandemic affecting construction site rules and guidelines with safety protocols which includes increased influence of union projects, which adds cost and time to projects. The rise of machines that are capable of identifying common safety issues which eliminate those identified threats one at a time. If a person has fallen, the work Boots that are connected to Wi-Fi alarms and alert others, this is a new wearable innovation. Not only working gear but beyond that, we could also see robots that are fully replacing human workers.

Efficient Technology

The innovations of a technology that enhances efficiency are much important and required for the builders and developers at this point of time amid the post-pandemic. Some such technologies that can be seen emerging in 2022 and beyond include

Smart contracts– Allowing to buy, track and pay for services, the smart contracts provide all organisations in a project with a shared system for carrying out business.

Construction drones – one of the fastest-growing technologies in construction sites is drones which are used for aerial photography for real estate and commercial efforts. For mapping large areas covering long distances, drones are being rapidly used, producing the most valuable aerial heat maps and thermal images. In place of human workers, drones can also perform the job of preventing injuries.

Augmented Reality (AR)

It facilitates the use of wearable technology and 369-degree video to enable surrounding projects’ 3D visualisation of coming future projects, also measuring buildings automatically along with making speedy changes of architectural and structural that are affordable too. It also enables safety training and hazard simulations.

Building Information Modelling

This technology helps industry leaders in standing out with improved efficiency.

It helps in generating computer renderings of utilities and buildings. Leading to on-time and accuracy of completion, the ease of managing these models and sharing data enables superior prefabrication of parts.

BIM top-rated software solutions available in 2022 include Autodesk BIM 360 , Trimble connect, Archidad, Navisworks, Revit, BIMx.

Growing needs for labour

The vast increase in the demand for labour is one of the most noticeable construction trends of the past few years. Though robots have already contributed a lot in picking up a lot of the slack again quality labour is expensive and competitive. No matter whether these robots continue to give their best efforts, there is still a need for more educated workers to handle and interpret the data that are produced by new emerging technologies.

Remote worksites and mobile access

The industry allows worksite access like never before due to emerging mobile applications which include real-time inspections, on-site accountability and measurement accuracy that are taken from a mobile phone camera.

Rising material costs

The rising interest rates and production costs are likely to compound all types of costs resulting in pressure on total construction. Some technologies like drones AR, and BIM are key ingredients in maintaining project volume and reducing this cost pressure up to a great extent.


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